Aug 7, 2015

tropical print

Hello my dears,

Long time, no see. After a week of photo retouching, I am finally done with our vacation pics, so now I'll be able to show you some outfits I wore there. The ones who follow me on Instagram probably know where we spent our summer vacation, but for the ones who are not up to date, this year's destination was Gran Canaria. Since we've already been to Thailand this year, we wanted to go somewhere closer this time, somewhere in Europe and we kind of automatically thought of Spain. Then, the next choice was to go to some islands and since we were going with our friends, we all thought of the Canarian Islands, a destination which was not familiar to any of us - Gran Canaria or Tenerife, and in the end we chose the first one.

I think it was a great choice and it was exactly what we applied for. We spent there 9 beautiful days sunbathing on black sandy beaches & not only, exploring the island, visiting a beautiful port and the highest peak on the island (1911 m), eating yummy paella, drinking sangrias and enjoying some quality time all together.

Since I had my dear friend with me, I was able to shoot many outfit photos there, so at least for the next two weeks you will be (hopefully) delighted to see some of my summer/holiday looks. The very first one is also some of my favorites and it is in fact a beach look which I wore while visiting the only beach on the island which has white sand. Actually Playa de Amadores is an artificial beach, which is why it has white sand while all the other ones have black sand.
Anyway, the outfit is quite simple but the tropical print was very trendy this summer and these H&M pieces became very beloved among bloggers and not only. They got even to me and I love the contrast between the print and the tanned skin, while the pants cannot be more perfect for a beach day. They are a bit transparent, but once that problem is solved, I think they could be worn together with a crop top also for a walk on the promenade or even for a dinner on the beach. Hats are a must for me while being at the seaside and this is my currently favorite.

Gotta go now, enjoy the photos!


Swimwear // H&M
Hat // H&M
Sunnies // New Yorker


  1. Lovely photos! I really like this outfit :) xx

  2. Great pictures! I love your look, Andra!

  3. Lovely post and photos

    new post

  4. Fabulous two piece. And you couldn't have accessorized it better with that big oh-so-tropical hat!!

    House of Illusions


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