Dec 10, 2018

As fluffy as it gets

Faux fur / Blanita - H&M || Sweater / Pulover - HERE / AICI || Mom Jeans / Blugi - Zara || Bikerboots / Bocanci - Zara || Bag / Geanta - Valentino by M.Valentino 

Heyhey, here I am later than usual but it's still Monday, so it's fine right?! :D I told you last week that we had something prepared for the past weekend and well, that was a trip to Bruxelles. Even if we only had a about a day and a half to spend there, it was totally worth it and we fell in love with the beauty of this city..and its waffles of course :)) They truly have the best ones! :) Even if the weather forecast was showing rain for the weekend, we were really lucky as on Friday we arrived after it stopped, on Saturday it rained only after we saw everything we had on the list and arrived back at the hotel and on Sunday it started right when we left :D On the road was however very rainy but it didn't matter anymore.

So anyways, it was a lovely experience and I would love to visit it again sometime, together with Brugge and Ghent, which I heard are extremely beautiful as well. :) Of course, in this post I also wanted to show you what I wore on Saturday: I chose a lovely grey SWEATER from Chicwish, which kept me very warm and cozy, together with a pair of white mom jeans and a pair of biker boots. The SWEATER seems to have quite a simple design, but the back is different than the front, it has a cropped length and the sleeves are big and puffy. As you all know I love sweaters with interesting details and this definitely has drew my attention because of them. Not to mention that the color and thickness make it the perfect item for winter. :) You can find it HERE, also in white, camel and lavender. And trust me, I already have many sweaters from them and they are just the best!

Finally, I added an extra fluffy faux fur in mint color which I adoooore right know and you might think it was too warm for it but actually it was very windy and chilly the whole day, so I was quite happy with my choice.

What do you think of this look?

Have a lovely new week!
Love, A.

Dec 6, 2018

Knit your Love

Sweater / Pulover - HERE / AICI || Skirt / Fusta - HERE / AICI || 
Coat / Palton - HERE / AICI
Belt, Boots, Bag / Curea, Botine, Geanta - H&M

Hey hey and Happy Nicholas Day!

I hope Santa Nicholas didn't forget you and brought you some goodies, or worst case scenario..I hope you didn't get a stick and some potatoes :)). I didn't get anything material but let's say it brought us something else..and to give you some hints: it is something that we both love to do, it will take place starting tomorrow...and of course you will find everything about it if you follow me on Instagram :D If not, whyyy oh whyyy?! :)) Go hit the FOLLOW button -> @andyandra is my IG name. :)

Until then however, I was dying to show you this look which I just adore..I'm obsessed with the color combo and with the pieces, either taken separately or together. You probably noticed that I love these sweaters from Chicwish since I already had 3 of them, but I couldn't resist this white / ivory turtleneck one which is just PERFECT for winter. The SWEATER is extremely warm (honestly, it's perfect for minus degrees Celsius!), the quality is amazing and the details are just adorable. I took the biggest size because I wanted it to be oversized and I'm glad I did..we all know I love a chunky sweater, don't we?! :) I can't wait to wear it again with all kinds of jeans, pants, skirts and even over dresses. :D

The pleated SKIRT drew my attention due to its feminine, light, romantic shade of pink and I thought it would look great this season, but it would also be perfect for spring. The skirt is made out of a soft, very qualitative velvet material which is also flowy but it will keep you warm. Just lovely! The length is also very ME so no further explanation is needed :)

 In order to create some contrast and because I love the pink and burgundy / plumy color together, I added a coat and some accessories in this shade. I already wore this COAT in a previous post, but I thought it would go so well with this look that I could not have left it behind. And so I created a whole outfit from the same website and trust me, all the pieces are beautiful and of a very good quality. I just love the result. :) I would love to hear your opinion on it :)

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

P.S.1: On another matter, there is something going on with blogger and google and co. because I cannot comment with my G+ account anymore, I don't know why. Also there is a change in my insights..again I don't know why. Does anyone know what's happening? Any advice would be much appreciated!

P.S.2: You can also check similar women plaid skirts on this website

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