Aug 11, 2015

lean on

While browsing the photos after the shooting, I automatically associated this series with the song from Major Lazer we all heard so much this summer, "Lean On". I don't know exactly why, but I guess it's because of that oriental chorus it has.

Anyway, I must confess that I imagined this shooting at least one month before getting to Gran Canaria. Usually, after knowing our next holiday destination, I search for photos and videos, read about it and check my tripadvisor app to see what can be done and seen there. This is how I discovered "Las Dunas de Maspalomas", which are sand dunes just like the ones in the desert, but of course spread over a smaller area. It was the first time when I saw something like that and I was completely mesmerized of how gorgeous it looks, especially when you see the ocean in the background. We were super lucky to have them close to our hotel, so I was able to go twice with my friend there in order to shoot some photos at sunset. The light was warm and magical and the sand was cold, just perfect. FIY, during the day is impossible to do something like that because the sand is hot as hell, :)).

Moreover, when I saw this flowy, long dress in a gorgeous raspberry shade at Mango, I could only imagine wearing it while having the dunes as a background.. Then, I thought of adding a turban and huge statement necklace in order to give that oriental vibe to this look and I didn't forget about the most beloved summer accessory - the flashtattoo. I planed it all, I'm telling you.

I'm super thrilled how these photos turned out and they are my favorite in a looooooong time. My hubby even suggested we should choose some and frame them. :) Even if I usually like to post everything chronologically, this time I didn't obey my own rules because I wanted to show you this set already. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

I'm waiting for your opinion :)
Love, A.

Dress // Mango
Necklace // H&M
Sunnies // Primark
Turban //


Thank you for for passing by and for sharing your lovely thoughts with me! ღ

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