Sep 22, 2015


From time to time I get stuck (mi se pune pata, mai exact) on certain pieces or colors or prints and I develop an idea that I have to have that certain "IT" no matter what. The same thing happend with a blouse from H&M from an older collection (last spring I think). It was black with white polka dots, made of chiffon and super cute. I saw it then but it didn't ring the bell, instead it rang the bell about a month ago when I saw it in some outfit and it seemed to be the cutest thing. I had to have it so I started searching everywhere. You can imagine the shortest horror story took place: it was sold out.

However, the polka dot print was still on my wishlist so I began to browse for other clothing pieces and finally I saw THIS SKIRT. Yeees, yes I've seen it before and I remembered how much I loved it and wanted it, but only now it seemed to be the perfect moment to have it. The skirt is made of a thick fabric (neoprene like) which gives it the perfect shape, volume & length and it allows you to wear it now when the weather gets colder. Another big plus is that you don't have to iron it and it is very soft & comfortable. You know how much I love midi skirts so this was a great addition to my collection and I couldn't be happier with my choice.

I wore this outfit last Saturday, when we went to our friends wedding anniversary and I decided to style it with a red top, belt and lipstick and keep everything else black. I find this print to be extremely feminine and it reminds me of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. Moreover, I love how this print looks when combined with a bright color - it really makes it pop out!

You can find my skirt HERE, on SALE! There is also the white version with black dots, which can be found HERE, or you can take a look at the great variety of skirts they have HERE  :)

Have a great week!
Kisses, A.

P.S.: Don't forget to click on "HERE" to go directly to the products.

 Skirt // HERE
Top // Zara
Heels // Primark
Clutch, Sunglasses // H&M


  1. Loving this combo! Super fun and quirky <3

  2. Superba tinuta si pozele!! Am si eu aceeasi fusta si o ador! :* :*

    1. Multumesc Adina! Da, e foarte frumoasa fusta si se aseaza perfect <3 :*:*

  3. The outfit is so polished! That spotted skirt looks so pretty, it remodns of of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn indeed. What a nice find:)
    I also like the color combo, black, white and red supplement each other perfectly well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    1. Thank you Alexandra, I'm glad you like it! :) Have a great day xx

  4. Ok so you look stunning here! Don't even know where to begin, the skirt is perfection and it looks amazing with the top you paired it with. One of my fave looks of yours for sure!

    House of Illusions

  5. You look great! Lovely outfit <3
    Following you now :)


    Tanita Weith Blog / Facebook /Bloglovin

  6. Lovely outfit! You look so cool! :) xx


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