Feb 23, 2017

Wearing a tulle skirt in winter

Coat / Palton - H&M || Sweater / Pulover - H&M || Skirt / Fusta - Zara || Bag / Geanta - Zara || 
Choker  / Choker - Zara || Boots / Botine - H&M

Tulle skirts are among my favourites, nothing new there, but the main problem with them is that they are generally suitable for the warm season. However, Zara always thinks way ahead of us and they nailed this one too! :)) I saw this khaki beauty at the beginning of autumn but I thought it was a bit pricey plus that I already had other tulle skirts so it wasn't something really necessary to invest in. But when the sales come and the price is waaaay better than the original one, that is another story my friends. You see it standing there, on the hanger, all alone among other types of skirts and it is even a size bigger, but it doesn't matter, you know it has to be yours. Do you know the feeling?! :))

Oh well, at least it is in a different color than what I had before and the good part is that I can easily wear it during winter as well. If fact, these photos were taken on a cold day of January but together with a thick sweater, black tights and a cozy oversized coat it was just perfect. I finally added a bag in the same tone with the rest of the outfit and I was good to go. Probably this color palette is more autumn appropriate but I think that most of these shades are suitable for the whole cold season and I actually liked how they all look together. :)

Other than that, the weekend is almost here and I'm excited to explore another city here in China, yay! You will probably have to follow me on Instagram to see more - @andyandra . I wish you all a lovely weekend and let me know what you think about this look. Would you wear tutus in winter?

Hugs, A.

Feb 20, 2017

Roses are red..

Denim Jacket / Geaca de blugi - HERE / AICI || Dress / Rochie - New Look || Jumper / Pulover - Pimkie || Pants / Pantaloni - Mango || Hat / Palarie - H&M || Bag / Geanta - Mango 

..violets are blue, I love this new look and I hope you do too :)) Oh my, how poetic I am on Mondays haha.

So anyway, we finally leave the pink stuff behind and this time I went for an all black outfit, to which I (of course) decided to add some colour. The main item of this look is definitely the gorgeous  denim jacket which has red roses embroidered on it and which I couldn't wait to receive. Denim Jackets are definitely a must-have piece for the upcoming season and you can find them everywhere now, in all kinds of styles and colours, boyfriend, oversized, cropped, embroidered or with patches, it's madness! They definitely grew on me lately and I intend to get some more because I know that I will wear them a lot this spring and summer. But to tell you something about this JACKET, you should definitely know that the quality is amazing and I'm not just saying that to convince you, but because I'm impressed of how lovely it is: the fabric is very good and the embroidery is also well made. I loved it from the moment I saw it online but I like it even more in reality and I think this can easily be considered a statement piece, which will make every simple outfit look amazing.

Another trend which I love at the moment is the one of wearing tulle dresses / skirts over pants or jeans - I just think it looks so cool and I couldn't wait to try it myself and this was the perfect occasion. Finally, I added some red accessories to this outfit, which match the roses on the jacket et voila! I hope I managed to pull this look off, but let me know what you think!

Have a lovely new week,

P.S: You can find the jacket HERE and you should totally check their website if you're interested in purchasing some cool denim jackets because they have loads of them!

Feb 17, 2017

In the mood for nudes 📜

Sweater / Pulover - HERE / AICI || Trousers / Pantaloni - H&M || Bag / Geanta - Michael Kors || Heels / Pantofi - Primark || Choker / Choker - Zara || Eyewear / Ochelari - Forever 21

Hey hey hey, Friday is here! It it already over a month since we moved to Shanghai and I must tell you that I got used to living here sooner than expected and I like it here, but there are definitely times when I miss Europe.
I felt like writing today so I thought of sharing with you the top five things which I discovered since being here:

1. You need a smart phone, with a long-lasting battery (hopefully), a functioning camera and internet. All day, every day. You need it for maps, navigation, subway stations, for translating things, for scanning QR Codes - everything has a QR Code here which will give you all the information you need or with which you can pay a certain thing. And since I got at this point, yes you can even buy things using your phone and I don't mean online shopping but you can pay with your phone just like you would pay with your card. Maybe this is not new for all of you but for me it certainly was :D. Anyway, there are tons of apps which you can download on your phone and will keep you updated with the events which take place in the city every day or apps which will help you find a certain restaurant, club, theatre, etc. Basically you can find everything you need.

2. Getting to the restaurants part, I recently heard that there are over 60.000 restaurants in Shanghai (can we take a moment and process this, please?!) and this doesn't count the street food vendors. So you can imagine that you can find here everything you want in terms of international and national cuisines. However, the local Chinese food is different from the European Chinese food I used to know and it is not exactly my favourite :)) But I must admit I didn't try much, so I still have a lot to discover. Moreover, the typical Chinese cuisine in Shanghai is very sweet and that includes everything: sweet bread, sweet yoghurt, sweet peanuts, sweet everything. :D

3. If you didn't like crowds before (like myself) you will definitely get used to it here. Living in a city with 23 million people implies crowds almost everywhere: in the subways, especially between 17-19, in the city, especially during the weekends. Of course, if you really don't like it you can avoid the peak hours during the day or during the weekends and you always take a taxi, which by the way are very affordable (so COOL!). :)

4. There are many people who speak English here, especially in the city centre but the further away you get from the centre the harder it is to find someone who speaks English. Which brings me back to number 1, where I told you that you definitely need an app which will help you translate everything from Chinese to English and vice versa. I didn't have it during the first days here and boy it was hard..but now whenever I need to say something I translate it first and show my phone :D

5. Shanghai is a huuuuge city and you can never get bored here. There is always something to do, something to see and I would also say it is a city of contrasts, which makes it even more interesting and exciting. Also, I feel that the time is on fast forward here, the days are passing by a lot faster and everything has an accelerated rhythm.

On another matter, last Sunday was sunny and warmer, it almost felt like spring so we managed to shoot three outfits, yay. You already saw the first one on Vday and this second one must be my favourite. I created it around the lovely dusty pink oversized SWEATER which was on my wishlist for a long time and I am so glad that I finally ordered it. You know how much I love oversized clothes and this is just perfect: from the beautiful colour which is a first in my wardrobe, to the big sleeves and large V-neck cut, I love it all. The fabric is also very good, thick and quite heavy and I think it is a perfect piece from spring as well. I wanted to style it first with a pair of white pants and it looked very elegant and pretty, but then I decided to go for something new and different: a pair of khaki trousers and some nude shoes and accessories. I love how this turned out, but let me know what you think. :D

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

P.S: You can find the sweater HERE, on SALE.

Feb 14, 2017

Celebrating Love

Dress / Rochie - HERE / AICI || Coat / Palton - HERE / AICI || Bag / Geanta - Guess || Heels / Pantofi - Primark || Earrings / Cercei - H&M

Hey babes! 

We all know that today is a special day, a day to be spent with our better half, a day which celebrates LOVE. We will probably spend the evening at home, but I intend to prepare a special dinner for us, wish me luck! 

However, I thought of having this special post about Valentine's Day because every special occasion is an opportunity to wear something more elegant and out of the ordinary, something you don't get to wear on a daily basis, right? So I felt like putting up a romantic and feminine outfit, in a style which I haven't been wearing for a long while now. 
When I saw this DRESS I immediately knew that it would be the perfect choice on this occasion and I'm quite happy that I ordered it because it is truly beautiful. The shape and style are very flattering and most of all I love the ruffled sleeves. In case you didn't know, ruffles are BIG right now and you can see them on almost every piece: skirts, blouses, sweaters, dresses, even bags. This is perfectly fine with me as I completely adore this trend and I can't wait for the spring to come and be able to get our ruffled groove on, haha. 

Anyway, getting back to the dress, the fabric is very good and I like the fact that it is quite thick and not stretchy, fact which makes the dress look more elegant. I wasn't sure whether to style it with red or pink this time but in the end, all roads lead to pink in my case. :)) So I chose my fuchsia bag from Guess because I loved the contrast with the dress and I added the gorgeous flowers I received from my love. :) However, the black&white style looks amazing with any color with which it creates a contrast, it's up to you to decide which is your color.  

Let me know what you think of this look and how will you spend Valentine's Day?

Big love, A.     

P.S.: You can find the dress HERE and the price is amazing, trust me!

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