Jun 26, 2017

The 50s inspired dress

Dress / Rochie - HERE / AICI || Hat / Palarie - C&A || Bag / Geanta - Guess || 
Flats / Balerini - Zara

I like table cloths and I cannot lie :)) Just kidding of course, I don't really have anything to do with them but this gingham / plaid print reminds me of the vintage table cloths. And since it's Monday, we can start the day with a tiny joke, right? :D

Anyway, you probably know by now that gingham print is one of this season's hits and we can see it everywhere: for skirts, dresses, blouses, pants, even shoes and accessories, so basically everything. Moreover, this season is not just about the classical black & white gingham but the red, yellow and navy are also very beloved by the high-street fashion. Having said that, I also thought I could try something else, something that my wardrobe was lacking and I chose this super adorable DRESS in a navy gingham print, which is very similar to the style of dresses from the 1950s. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at the beginning not because of the print or color, but because of the reviews I read which were saying that the fabric is slightly see-through. Well, the first thing I have to tell you about the dress is that the fabric is not transparent at all and I actually love it cause it feels like cotton and it is very comfortable.

I also like the vintage vibe of this DRESS and the super cute details it has: the cold shoulder, the scalloped frill, the adorable little buttons which can be worn in front or in the back (I chose the latter) and the fact that it comes with a waist belt. Moreover, this dress can be worn both during the day and during the night, it all depends on your accessorising. I styled it this time with some fuchsia details (since it is one of this summer's colors :D) and I love the contrast between the dress and the accessories and how well they emphasise each other.

I would always choose such a DRESS over a mini, body-con one simply because I think it is more classy and stylish, and even sexier if you will and it is the type of dress which makes me feel good while wearing it. :) What kind of dresses do you prefer wearing?

Have a lovely new week,

Jun 22, 2017

The perfect vacation dress

Dress / Rochie - HERE / AICI || Sandals / Sandale - H&M (SS14) || Hat / Palarie - H&M (SS16) || Bag / Geanta - Zara (SS17)

I don't know what you like to wear during the hot days of summer, but I would definitely and almost all the time choose a dress. If it has the right length and cut it is the most comfy piece for me. When I saw this DRESS I realised it had everything I love at the moment and moreover, I immediately imagined myself wearing it by the beach. Well, that still has to wait a little longer but the dress turned out to be the perfect choice for a day spent in Chengdu when the thermometers were showing 30 degrees and the humidity was about 80%.

The fabric is mainly made of cotton (65%) therefore it won't keep you warm, the colors and print are beautiful and perfect for summer and the style is very cute and flattering. Of course, you guessed it right, the off the shoulder detail together with the puffy sleeves and the ruffle at the bottom are the ones which drawn me to choose it. The dress also comes with a belt which can be tied in different ways or which can be taken off, if you don't like it.

As I was very much in the vacation mood, I decided to wear it accordingly with a pair of sandals, a straw hat and my new favourite straw bag with cute little pompoms, but I am sure it would go perfectly with a pair of white sneakers, espadrilles, maybe some heeled, not very elegant sandals too. The bamboo forest we found helped me emphasise even better what I had in mind for this DRESS and I think it contrasted it perfectly. So if you are looking for vacation dresses you should definitely click HERE, the one I am wearing today costs less than 20$!

Have a lovely weekend!
Love, A.

Jun 14, 2017

The prettiest maxi dress ever ❤️

Dress / Rochie - HERE / AICI || Bag / Geanta - Local Store || Hat / Palarie - Primark  

These photos are probably my favourite ones lately and this dress, oh this dress.. I don't even find the right words to describe it, except that it is simply amazing. I liked it from the moment I saw it, but I didn't expect it to be so gorgeous in reality. The print is definitely an eye catcher and I love myself a good old floral print, we all know that right? However I didn't owe anything like this before and since red is very trendy this season, I wanted to give it a try. And I'm very happy I did because I love it!

What else I like about this DRESS?
- The fact that it has a nude slip dress underneath so you don't have to worry about it being see through
- the fact that it is very long and we all know that I like my maxis to reach the ground
- the quality is really really good
- the colors are sooo pretty
- the long sleeves, which make it look more beautiful

I only added a pair of flats, a red bag, a summer hat and a pair of sunnies and I was good to go. And who doesn't like to look amazing while putting minimum effort into it? :) You should definitely check it out HERE

On another matter, my posting schedule got a bit mixed up because we are going away again on Friday and I wanted to show you this look before I go and also have enough time to share it everywhere. Don't forget, you can always follow me on Instagram - @andyandra because that's where I am the most active and where I post most often.

Have a lovely day,
Hugs, A.

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