Sep 18, 2015

the long cardigan

Hello dear ones,

Today I have a quick post for you, right before the weekend starts. I'm talking about a relaxed, yet chic outfit which I wore when me & my parents went to see the Monrepos castle, near Ludwigsburg, an outfit which characterizes what I wear on a daily basis. Long cardigans are another IT item for this season and I found mine on sale, at the end of summer when it was still too warm to wear it. However, I liked it so much right from the beginning (and you probably saw it on Instagram) that I wore it whenever it got cloudy or rainy, even if I was dying on the inside cause it kept me sooo warm, haha. 

Nevertheless, it was the perfect choice for that sunny autumn day, together with the black blouse, dark blue skinnies, a black hat and some golden accessories. The leopard printed cardigan definitely made the outfit stand out of the ordinary and I kindly recommend you to invest in such a piece. Also, we should not forgot about the fringes, which can be seen everywhere this season: on jackets, skirts, capes, vests, bags, backpacks. Definitely a must! Hope you like it!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Hugs, Andra.   

 P.S.: Here's a laughter from the bottom of my heart :D
Cardigan, Jeans // H&M
Blouse // Bershka 
Hat, Bag, Necklace // H&M
Booties // Zara
Sunglasses // Mango 


Thank you for for passing by and for sharing your lovely thoughts with me! ღ

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