Sep 28, 2015

Military Green

Wow, if there is something I really hate than that is definitely waking up early in the morning. I never liked it, not even when I was in school. I got used to it, but I always hated it. Why can't the day start at 9-10 a.m.? I find this a reasonable hour which has all the advantages: you get to snuggle in bed a little longer and to sleep during the best time of the day (oh sweet morning sleep!), it gets a little warmer outside and you don't freeze to death, you are more rested, you embrace the new day differently, etc. 
Why 7? Ugghh,that's such an ugly time of the day. Earlier? I don't even want to talk about it.

Anyway, I started writing this post this morning, so these were just some early, early thoughts. In fact I wanted to show you today this military green trench coat, which I find to be perfect for this time of the year. It took me quite a while to decide whether I should get a beige or a khaki/military green one and finally I decided upon the second one because the color was too pretty and I loved its length.  When I received it though, I fell in love with the light & soft fabric too, which is perfect for the warm, golden autumn days. What I also liked about it was the fact that it is quite a versatile piece and you can wear it with heels, sneakers or even as a dress when belted around your waist. This time I combined it with a striped sweater, black skinny jeans and heels and I added an accessory which stole my heart...the very long earring. In fact, I have two of them but I like the trend of wearing different earrings - a very long one and a small, hidded one. :) 

What I also wanted to mention in this post are a few tips for ordering from international websites. I gained some experience so far, after collaborating with different websites or even buying from them. Choies, Sheinside, OASAP, Dresslink are just some of them so here's what I learned:

1. Payment. There are two ways to pay your order: Credit/Debit Card or Pay-Pal. I always use Pay-Pal because everything goes faster, the money are basically transferred by Pay-Pal directly to the website after which Pay-Pal will take the money from your account. I also think that it is safer. 

2. Shipping. There are also two types of shipping: regular mail or express shipping. Most of the websites offer free regular shipping, but there are also websites which require a minimum purchase in order to offer you a free shipping. For example, CHOIES offers free shipping worldwide regardless of your purchase amount. For the regular mail it takes about 3 weeks to get to you, while the express shipping costs 15$ and it takes only 1 week for the package to get to you.

3. Sizes. Asian sizes are generally smaller than European ones, so I would always take a size bigger than what I usually wear. However, all products have measurements in cm and inches and the best thing is to measure yourself before ordering a product. 

4. Quality. I generally find the quality of the products good, but then again I don't expect to wear something for the next 20 years. My advice to you is to go for products with normal prices (not the cheapest ones) and it's always good to read the reviews of that certain product. 

I hope this was helpful and if you still have questions don't hesitate to ask me. :)

Once again, you can find my coat HERE, on SALE or you can find other coats & jackets HERE!

Happy Monday everyone!

Trech Coat // HERE
Sweater, Skinny Jeans // H&M
Bag // Zara
Heels, Bracelets, Earring,Sunglasses // Primark


  1. Super cute outfitul! Me gusta il trench! Culoarea merge perfect cu fundalul!:) Chic ca mereu:*

  2. Love the trench and the entire combo. Very stylish! :)

  3. I don't like to wake up early too,but sometimes it can be very pleasant:) only sometimes, very seldom, thought.;)))))
    I'm literally in love with this outfit since I saw it at your instagram profile. It's so perfect, polished and chic! I admire your taste in clothes, you always manage to look so feminine, yet stylish.
    Besides, the photographs turned out marvelous, the place is beautiful too.!

    1. Thank you Alexandra, always so sweet! :)

  4. Such a great outfit ! I love your coat and how you wear it, plus your sunnies and earring are perfect !


    1. Thank you my dear, I'm glad you like it! <3

  5. You look fabulous in your military trench coat, and I think you styled it perfectly! I am not a morning person either, and have to wake up each morning at 6 is absolute torture every day! I agree with you that the day should start later :)

    House of Illusions

    1. Oh, poor you! :) I'm glad you like the outfit, thank you very much! :*

  6. Your jacket is so cute! I love the colour :) xx

  7. This is a great look! I also love all your others from Befitted, which is how I found you. :)


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