Mar 21, 2017

The military jacket & a pop of color

Jacket / Jacheta - H&M || Shirt / Camasa - Zara || Jeans / Blugi - Stradivarius || Bag / Geanta - Local Store || Boots / Cizmulite - Zara

The second day we spent in Xi'an was mostly about the Terracotta Army Museum, which is in fact one of the most famous tourist attractions in the area and which was also our no. 1 point of interest :)
The museum is located about 40 km away from Xi'an and there is a bus taking you there from Xi'an Railway Station. However, you have to be careful to take the right bus because there are many "fake" buses which will take you to a Silk Factory to do some shopping on the way to the museum. We did lots of research before stepping into one of the buses and luckily, we got the right one soooo no silky garments for us :)). FYI, take the white buses not the green or blue ones ;).

Getting at the museum takes about one hour and the place is huge: there are 3 pits where you can see the Terracotta Warriors together with Horses and Carriages which have been there discovered since 1976. They took out about 20.000 such pieces since then and I think it's not even 10% of how much there still is. The Mausoleum of the Qin Emperor is located about 2 km away from the museum and probably on a 2 km radius from his grave everything is surrounded by its army and who knows what else. You do the math. :) Nevertheless, they stopped the excavations because they don't have the necessary equipment to properly preserve everything they find under the earth.

Anyway, I decided to add some photos taken at this museum at the end of this post since this place is so important in China's history and the feeling it gives you when you see what the Emperor has done for his afterlife is amazing. Luckily, on our way out we found some beautiful blooming trees which have enlightened the grey sky a little bit and have enabled us to take some photos of my outfit as well. The photos are not many and not of the best quality but those trees were too pretty not to take advantage of them haha. These gave me such a spring feeling <3. The military jacket is another trendy piece for this season and I'm glad I got my hands on this one while it was on sale. I think it looks classy and chic and I love the golden details on the sleeves. I kept the rest of the outfit quite simple but I added a little bit of colour by wearing a red Chloe-alike bag.

Do you like military jackets?

Hugs, A.

The Museum..

P.S.: During the evening we took a walk around the City Wall (well a part of it) and went to see the Bell Tower and Drum Tower again because we heard they are all lit up so beautifully at night. Well, I let you be the judge after taking a look at the pictures below :).


  1. Deine Tasche gefällt mir ja richtig gut .-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

    1. Mir auch, ich finde sie so ein Statement Piece :)

  2. Nice place. I'd love to travel more! Also gorgeous jacket ;)

  3. Your outfit is amazing dear! Great photos!

  4. Beautiful spring photos!You are so refined and feminine)

  5. Beautiful photos! I love your outfit and it looks like you're having a great time exploring! :) xx

  6. Foarte frumoase pozele. Ador Asia pentru istoria si locurile superbe, asa ca astept sa vad cat mai multe postari de genul :D Tinuta este tare frumoasa, jacheta este superba! :* :*

    1. Multumesc frumos Adina! Ma bucur ca iti plac aceste postari deoarece voi mai avea si altele cu siguranta, mai avem multe de vazut pe aici :D
      Te pup!

  7. I am so in love with this look,
    Military jackets are my all-time-favorites
    and you combined it so lovely.
    I also adore your spring vibes and the flowers in the Background.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :) xx


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