Aug 18, 2014

hazy days, don't got away

Hey dear ones,

I start this week with a brand new, yet orange again, post which I hope you will enjoy. Apparently, orange is this month's color in my case, but it is pure coincidence that the two dresses got to be posted during the same month.

I got the first dress about one month ago (see the post HERE), and this one..well, I saw this one a long time ago at H&M but it was out of stock really quickly both in stores and online, until recently when it appeared miraculously on their website in the SALE section. Yuppie yay! Even if they are almost the same shade of orange, I didn't mind posting them so close to each other because they are a totally different style of dresses: the first one is more vintage, in the style of the 50s, and this one is more casual, light, perfect for very hot summers days/nights, or even to be worn at the beach. The accessories make a soft transition from casual to elegant.

                                                            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Everything starts here to feel more and more like autumn and today I even saw the first yellow leaves on the sidewalk. The temperatures are quite low for mid August and the weather got crazy and very changing, so I don't think I will be able to wear all these summerish clothes for long. But until then, I'm trying to enjoy as much as I can what's left of my favorite season.    

Dress // H&M 
Clutch // H&M
Sandals // Random
Jacket // New Yorker

Have a great week!
Hugs, A.


  1. O rochie simpla, dar de efect. Esti o frumoasa, Andra! Si la noi vremea ne obliga sa ne orientam spre tinute de toamna. pupici :*

  2. wow amazing with the leather jacket

    Mi blog by Amo

  3. Such a lovely dress! Love how you paired it with the leather jacket!

  4. I love the dress and the Summer feeling it gives me!
    Yep, Summer is going away here really feels like Autumn already :(

    1. Thank you sweety, the least we can do is to hope for a sunny autumn :)

  5. Minunata rochita, in special culoarea! Imi place mult de tot cum arata cu geaca de piele! <3

    1. Multumesc draga mea! Ma bucur ca iti place :***


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