Oct 22, 2013

Ville de Luxembourg

Last weekend I had a great time with my lovely family and fiancé in Luxembourg. The weather was perfect and it got warmer at noon so that we could enjoy a coffee and a french baguette on a terrace in the sun. Regarding my outfit, I chose to wear in this beautiful city two of my current loves - a maxi skirt and a big floppy hat, which I paired with a striped cardigan and some golden elements (studs on my belt and bag, accessories).

H&M cardigan, skirt, boots, hat, bracelets (pretty much everything)
Mango bag and belt
Fossil watch
New Yorker biker jacket

Yes, I noticed too that I held my hand on my hat in most of the pictures! I guess it an was easier way of posing so let's get over it, shall we? :)

Have a shiny week!
Love, A. 


  1. Lovely look :) http://greyeyesandgreatshoes.blogspot.com/

  2. pretty :) loved the outfit
    following you back :)


  3. beautiful look! :)
    Mrs Vain

  4. wow, great look!
    your hat is awesome :)

    svetlana from Lavender Star

  5. How sweet! I wish I had a relaxing weekend with my family in a foreign country... ;) Lovely look. The hat and the maxi dress are awesome!

  6. you look beautiful...love the maxi skirt !

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  8. Hello Valencia! Thank you so much for your kind words! I will surely join your website.

    Best regards

  9. With your hands on the hat or not, you look lovely :)

  10. how to contact you? ^^:) kisses

    1. hi dear! you can contact me at andy.flashforwards@gmail.com or on Facebook, here:



  11. oh ya ya, i go to Luxembourg for the weekend and take fabulous pictures too. all the time.


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