Jun 30, 2016

Floral Beauties from STYLEWE


Hello my dears,

A little while ago I was contacted by someone from StyleWe, asking me to introduce their website to you together with some details of what you can find there.

But first of all, who are they? StyleWe, or as its slogan says "Designers at your fingertips", is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers, which provides original, high quality and exclusive fashion products. You can find here everything from dresses to skirts, tops, blouses, outwear pieces, pants, jumpsuits and even swimsuits and bags. The variety of their products is huge so you can basically find everything that you like.

Then, you should know that their main fulfillment center is located in China and they ship most of the products from there, but some of the designers they work with might ship their products directly from their own warehouses located in North America, Europe, etc. Currently, they ship to 7 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Australia and the shipping is free for orders over 60$. Moreover, if you register on their website now, you get 10% off your first order.

I also browsed their website and picked up some lovely items to show you, but I have to tell you it was not easy at all since they have sooo many beautiful products. Floral print is among my favorites simply because I find it to be so beautiful and cheerful, not to mention that it is perfect for summer and can be worn on all types of occasions, therefore I chose three beautiful floral dresses to show you, three midi skirts because we all know how much I love midi skirts and three bags - these totally stole my heart. You can find them all below together with the direct links to the products. Let me know which is your favorite.

1. Floral Print Dresses 

FLoral Dresses
 1. HERE / AICI | 2. HERE / AICI | 3. HERE / AICI

1. HERE / AICI | 2. HERE / AICI | 3. HERE / AICI 

*This is a sponsored post. 

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Love, Andra 


  1. Omg their hand bags are so pretty! http://www.afashionholicslife.blogspot.com

  2. I love how feminine all of this looks....bags are so cute...my favorite is the third one...

  3. Very beautiful. Florals have always been one of my favourites.

  4. Lovely outfits and bags!



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