Jul 8, 2016

Sighisoara [#visitRomania]

Sighisoara is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania and it has been on my "must-see-places" list for a long time. A medieval city, with beautiful fortress, paved narrow streets, small souvenir shops and restaurants, Sighisoara was our host for two days. As you might have seen on my Instagram, we spent the first day attending the lovely wedding of our dear friends, in terms of being their Godparents But more about that soon, after I receive the professional wedding photos :D.
The second day however was meant for visiting the city, having some quality time with our friends and of course, taking some photos.
I selected the ones I like most and they will give you an idea of this beautiful city and why I strongly believe that the tourism in Romania should be getting more advertising as there are so many gorgeous places to be seen, not to mention that you can find everything here: mountains, sea, the Danube Delta, a great variety of flora & fauna, beautiful medieval cities, good food and affordable prices. Sighisoara is just one of these places and I'm truly happy that I manage to see it.

On another matter, that day I chose to wear my pink maxi skirt together with an off-shoulder lacey blouse and a camel/brown bag. I added only a few accessories: a pair of statement earrings, a watch and a pair of sunglasses of course.

I will try getting back on track with my posts the following week cause I have some new items to show you but the lovely photos we took in Sibiu / Hermannstadt, another beautiful city in Romania. Until then, I'm looking forward to hear your opinion. :)

Have a lovely weekend,

Skirt / Fusta - HERE / AICI
Blouse / Bluza - Primark
Sandals / Sandale - H&M
Bag / Geanta - Primark
Earrings / Cercei - H&M


  1. Doamne cat esti de faina! Iti ador outfitul, e atat de boem! Imi place cum ai parul si cercerceii sunt mortali. BRAVO!:)

    1. Muultumesc, esti draguta ca deobicei :*:* ma bucur mult ca iti place :*

  2. Love the outfit! You look amazing!


  3. Foarte faină ținuta! Mă tentează din ce în ce mai mult să-mi cumpăr și eu fusta asta. :)) Și pozele sunt awesome, as always. xo

    1. Multuuumesc Alina! Fusta ti-o recomand cu mana pe inima, e absoluta superba xo

  4. What a beautiful look! You look like a princess ♡

  5. Nu am fost inca la Sighisoara, dar sper sa ajung cat de curand :)
    Foarte frumoasa tinuta, imi place mult fusta <3


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