Jan 25, 2016

winter wonderland

Hello my darlings, another Monday, another week, a new post :) Even if today's photos are in contradiction with the sunny, springish weather we have, I couldn't leave them aside and show you the beautiful, white wonderland beside me. Plus that this was probably my only meeting with the snow this year haha. I don't like winter and cold weather, but whenever it snows I get excited like a kid. I think that is what makes winter magical and I dearly remember my childhood when we used to have massive snow, generally for winter holidays, and my parents used to carry me on a sleigh around. All the kids were out by then, making snowmen, riding the slopes and having fun.

Anyway, these photos were taken last Sunday, when we went at a castle nearby and in fact we just walked in the forest around the castle and took advantage of the fresh air and of the wide, open, big white. Of course, we had to take some photos too and my husband caught the perfect moment, when the light was dreamy, which is in fact what I love about them. My outfit is quite simple since it had to keep me warm, but the big scarf also gives it a little bit of chic. The first thing I chose to wear was my new cream sweater from CHOIES which is very thick, it has an asymmetric turtleneck and quite an irregular shape. Well, you know how much I love sweaters and this became my favorite right after receiving the package, because besides looking lovely it is also very cosy and warm. I couldn't take the coat off because it was super cold, but I promise to show it to you in another outfit as well.
Then, I chose a pair of black/grey jeans and my rain boots, for which btw I haaave to buy some special socks (!), the camel coat and finally my new blanket scarf from Zara which I found on sale and I totally adore. I can't even tell you how soft and big and cosy it is!
So what do you think about my outfit!? Remember, you can find my sweater HERE!

Well, now that I have one set of pics in the snow, I'm over winter and totally ready to embrace the lovely spring! Hahah, if only it would work that easy..

Bisous mes cheres!

Sweater // HERE
Jeans, Bag // H&M
Scarf, Beanie // Zara
 Rainboots // depurtat.ro


  1. This is such a cute outfit! I love the snowy background! :) xx

  2. I love every piece in this look! Perfection!

    xx, Elise

  3. Such a cute look, and such pretty surroundings! Love your blanket scarf too of course!

    House of Illusions

  4. Great post. Beautiful pics
    I really like this look perfectly in tune with the back ground
    I love your blog. Visit mine if you wants.welovefur.com


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