Jan 21, 2016

under the winter sun

Hey loves, there's one day left until the weekend so I thought of showing you a relaxed look which can be worn during the next days. Of course, this applies in case you are not covered in snow, freezing out loud. If yes, you can always  keep it as inspiration for spring or change the ripped jeans with a pair without rips and the heels with some flat ankle boots, UGGs & co.

Anyway, together with the shirt dress from my previous post I also received two more items from CHOIES, items which you can see in today's outfit: the ripped jeans and the fluffy cardigan, and I must tell you I'm super thrilled about both of them. I generally have problems when buying jeans because it is very hard for me to like everything about a pair: shape, cut, color. There are a few items with which I am very picky and a pair of jeans is one of them. But THESE JEANS are just wow!! Besides the amazing price, I love everything about them: the color is wonderful, they are high waisted (just the way I like them) and the rips are great. I can't wait for spring to come and be able to wear them more often, especially with a pair of white sneakers. <3
Then, if I told you how much I like the shirt dress in my previous post and now the jeans, I must tell you that the fluffy cardigan is actually my favorite piece. You might think I'm exagerating, but the fact is that it is super cute and soft. I was quite skeptical at first due to its transparent parts, but is it incredibly warm. The only problem would be that at the beginning some fringes fall, but after wearing it one/two times that problem is gone. I already wore it in several combinations and it is definitely a must-have piece.

Besides the two main items, I added a white shirt with a black bow tie to compose the outfit. I didn't want to get a B&W outfit again so I added some red accessories to cheer it up: my beloved fedora hat and a red bag. What do you think?


P.S.: You can find the jeans HERE and the cardigan HERE!
P.P.S: I got another cold, which makes it the second one this month. Cheers to this lovely season! :))


 Cardigan // HERE
Jeans // HERE
Shirt, Boots // Primark
Hat // H&M
Bag // Mango


  1. Deci imi place la nebunie palaria, iti sta super cu ea <3
    Si tinuta e super draguta :)

    1. Multumesc draga mea, si mie imi place mult :D A real statement piece :D :*

  2. Such a great look! Love your jeans and your pops of color!

    xx, Elise

    1. Thank you Elise! I'm glad you like it :) xx

  3. Wow I adore this look ! Those bight red details are perfect, and this jeans!!! I wish I could buy jeans on asian online shops, but they're always wayyyy to small/too short :(


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