Jan 14, 2016

the red affair

Do you also have clothes which you don't wear for a long period of time and then you remember you have them and you wear them continuously? Well I do! I tend to wear a lot every new thing I buy, sometimes so much that even the next year I don't feel like wearing it again. For example this red coat which I had for 2 years and which I wore quite a lot at the beginning, but I don't remember wearing it at all last winter. Now it's among my favorites again and I'm always happy when I'm able to reinvent my clothes.

To be honest, I have a tendency to keep everything and when my husband asks me why do I keep that certain something if I don't wear it, I always tell him that I will wear it again and so it happens most of the times. My point is, try investing in versatile pieces and keep in your closet what you think you will eventually wear again, even if it's in a year or two. Reinventing and creating new outfits with certain statement pieces is always a good idea which will also save you lots of money.

The faux-leather skirt has a similar story, I fell in love with it again this winter. I just needed to add a plaid shirt and my OTK boots, which I've been basically wearing with every skirt/dress during this holiday. The large black bag is a new addition to my closet and I totally love it. I needed such a bag so I've been wearing it constantly since I got it. Heads up, you will see it a lot here too :))
All in all, this is what I chose to wear on Christmas Eve and I think that all the red and the plaid matched the occassion perfectly, besides being a very comfy and chic look. What do you think?

Have a great day,

Coat, Necklace // Zara
Shirt, Boots // Primark
Bag, Skirt // H&M


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