Mar 24, 2013


Hello dears!

Friday was such a lovely day. We finally had a proper spring day - sunny and 11, 12 degrees. From the moment I woke up I felt different. After one last exam and three days of work I was finally able to sleep more in the morning but I ended waking up pretty early (for me)- at nine. I am not a morning person at all, on the contrary I am a human version of the grumpy cat when I have to wake up early, but yesterday I was happy to start the day at that time. When I see the bright light, no clouds, no rain , some positive degrees I feel like doing this and that, moving here and there, solving everything, and more important - spending the whole day out. It's unbelievable how the sunshine can change your spirit, mood and existence. At least that's what happens to me.

So yes, I met my dear friend Alexandra and we went to a pretty little castle on a heel, near the city where we had some kind of a photoshooting. And I say some kind, because the both of us have been a photographer and a model, which may sound funny but actually it was pretty nice, and the result seems to have turned out a lot better that I expected. You will meet my friend in the future posts :)

As in for this outfit, I wore some dark colors even if I can't wait to get rid of them, but they fit this "spring" perfectly. The leather pants are still my favorite item at the moment because the look so nice and you can match them with so many things, and especially for going out in the night are more than perfect. This khaki shirt was love at first sight for me and the color is still very in this season.

Outfit : H&M shirt, pants, necklace, earrings and bracelets, Zara boots and bag, Fossil watch, Ray Ban sunnies

What do you think? I promise to wear more bright colors for the upcoming posts :)

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. Lovely outfit! I like your hair.You have a nice blog. Would you like to follow each other? Kisses!

    1. Thank you!! :) I follow you, i'm number 296. Kisses :*

  2. Just followed you back! Stay in touch! :*

    1. Thanks, again! Glad you stopped by and I hope to see you around soon!:) kiss kiss:*

  3. I love that shirt and it looks amazing with the leather leggings!


    1. thank you dear! happy to see that you liked it!

      bisous :*


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