Mar 8, 2013

Happy Ladies Day!

Since I never posted on a special day, I thought this would be just the perfect occasion for a new post. Today it's all about us, it can be all about what ever you want it to be: fashion, jewels, flowers, cupcakes or love. Cause we are actually the ones who rule the world!
For me though, it will be all about studying (shit happens). This year, as well as last year, I found myself in the middle of the exams session during these first days of spring, and I can't enjoy them properly, especially that today is such a wonderful, sunny, warm day(!!!) and as far as I remember, last year was the same. But that's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.

Anyway, I remember spending these days in Romania. It's so nice there on this day and on the 1st of March - girls get tons of mărţişoare, flowers, chocolates and other cute stuff. You really feel special (even if all the girls in the office get them). During the school and high-school years there was entire charade around these days. We had to buy flowers for the teachers, and the "reward" consisted of not having many classes that day (which was more than great for us).
I always used to get bunches of snowdrops and other pretty flowers. Everywhere you looked on the streets, you could see snowdrops for sale. Here, I didn't see any snowdrops, not in the market, not on the streets, nowhere. And even if this day is international, I don't think it is given much attention to it. I haven't been at work today, nor the last year, but I doubt that women get flowers and chocolate (please correct me if I'm wrong). Back home, if you spend this day at the office, you have to get an extra hand from somewhere to be able to take everything home. Not to mention all the parties that are held on this day. Starting with the ones at the office (my mom just told some minutes ago that she can't talk to me anymore cause people are coming at the office and they will have a small party - I can only imagine the goodies!) and ending up with the ones in all the clubs, caffees, pubs and other places in the city. Even the policemen stop the ladies and give them flowers.
Ah, I miss those times at home!

Getting back to our sheep, these pics were also taken last Sunday because I knew I won't have time this week to take other ones (even though today would have been perfect for this, *sigh*). The leather pants are my favorite item these days and I think they are just perfect for going out in the night, but also during the day if you find a more casual look.

I was wearing H&M leather pants, jeans shirt, necklace and sunnies (oh man, everything is H&M) , Zara booties, Pimkie T-Shirt (old), New Yorker leather bag, Guess Watch, old bracelet

So, don't forget, today is all about us! Have a fabulous day and of course, a sunny, warm spring!


Thank you for for passing by and for sharing your lovely thoughts with me! ღ

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