Jan 21, 2013



Mango cardigan and coat, Pimkie skirt and bracelet, H&M hat, BBUp (romanian brand) leather boots,
 New Yorker belt, Guess watch.

Last Thursday I had to go in the campus to meet a colleague of mine and work with her at one of my projects. Deadlines are getting closer and closer, so I am kinda busy these days. Anyway, you don't want to hear about this. 

There is like the winter paradise (only when it snows) because it is far away from the city and it is in the forest , so you can imagine that there is always colder with 2-3 degrees than in the city center (which is why I told you that it is a winter paradise only when it snows; this also happens in the summer when you generally don't want this - I for one don't, give me as much heat as you got!). 

So this outfit was not made on purpose for a photo shooting but since I was there and everything was white, peaceful and beautiful I said to myself  "why not? ". Of course, I froze my ass off, but what wouldn't a gal do for some pixels in the snow? :-)

Au revoir,


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