Nov 25, 2012

Sunday morning.

Hey guys !

I woke up on this relaxing Sunday with the mood of writing something new. I know I've been missing a lot from here and you might think I already took a break from writing , but this wasn't really a break for me, on the contrary it was a superbusy week. Anyway, I won't be bragging about this again.
Guess what? Of course I didn't have time to take new photos, none, nada, so I have to say sorry again. I hate winter with all the short, cloudy, cold days. The fact is that I worked every day this week, except on Monday (when I was at school in the afternoon), and I got home after getting dark, therefore no chance to take photos. Yap, I didn't choose the best season to start blogging.

So, I thought of showing you some photos which were taken about two weeks ago during a nice Sunday walk. By then there was still warm enough the wear the short, leather jacket. Ah, the good times! Now I don't go anywhere without my coat, but then again , I guess it's pretty normal at the end of November.
In case you are wondering why you don't see me wearing high heels in these pictures or in the previous ones, I have to tell you that here the distances from one point to the other are too big to wear high heels every day. I have to hurry all the time, or even to run to catch the U-Bahn (which I totally hate), so I wear them mostly during the weekends, when I go out.
Plus that I love this autumn's army & rock (mainly the second one for the biker boots and leather jacket) styles. But I plan on taking new pics soon, and this time wearing heels.

On the other hand, there is exactly one month left til Christmas, yay! I can't wait for it to come, to go home for two weeks, to spend time with my family and feel that christmasy pretty mood. Also, I have a big wishlist for Christmas. I think I will actually need 3 Christmases to get all that I want, but more about this soon.
Do you have a wishlist for Christmas? 

Have a lovely Sunday,

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