Nov 14, 2012

Go casual.

Hey all!

It's been some days since I last wrote here, but I didn't have the time (lame excuse you'd say, right?).
Well, it was the weekend, you know THE weekend, when all you wanna do is have fun, get out of the house, meet friends, et cetera. For me this weekend was a combination of parties (more like going out in the city) and sleep (I slept half of Saturday and half of Sunday), so it kind of flew by without doing something substantial.
Then Monday came, and not even the grass is growing on Monday. It was a happy Monday though because I got some great news from a friend and I also talked to my boss and returned to the office yesterday (yes, I missed going to work, even though now i'm pretty tired when I get home).

Another good news is that last Friday was a nice day with a little bit of sunshine, so I managed to take some photos. Unfotunately, they are not very professional, but you have to cope with this since I don't have my personal photographer :P .

Moving on, I wore a MANGO coat, ZARA bag, H&M grey jeans & scarf (this scarf is my new obsession), white lace blouse, biker boots and Ray Ban sunglasses . 


P.S.: The second new obsession of mine is curly hair. I make it like that everyday since last week when I got a hair curler <3.
        The irony! Until now all I wanted was to straighten it and now I can't have enough of those curls.
P.P.S.: Autumn colors are so magnificent!


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