Dec 4, 2012

Let it snow.

Hey there!

December has arrived, and it did not arrived with empty hands, but with some snow. I generally don't like snow, but if it's in December, I guess it's ok, if it's for Christmas - even better. 
I dream of a pretty Christmas with snow and a big, big tree and many presents (something like in the scene from the movie "Home Alone 2 - Alone in New York " when the kids wake up in the morning and under the huge tree from their hotel room is full of presents), but it's never snowing for Christmas, at least not in my hometown - the last two years it was raining as far as I remember. It usually starts snowing in January , February when everybody is already sick of the cold and winter and all.

Anyway, yesterday I managed to take some photos, actually not me, but my friend and colleague, who I have to thank (thanks Shengsheng!!), took photos of  me. 
We went to the forest and everything happend very quickly because we both got frozen in an instant (almost), especially me, since I was wearing only a shirt and outside were -1 degrees. 
Too bad that after 15 minutes after we finished and went to class, it started snowing so beautifully, it would have been just perfect for the pictures. Nevertheless , there's still time, the winter just started!

                                            Bag & Boots - Zara; Jeans & Necklace - H&M; Shirt - New Yorker

Put some carols on, clean your boots and wait for Santa Nicholas (is this his name in English ?!?!) cause there are only two days left :)

Have a lovely, cozy afternoon!

*a classic in the end :

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