Nov 8, 2012

Letters from the past (II)

Hey there!

Since the weather was kinda crappy the last days, I didn't manage to go anywhere to take some new pics, so today it's gonna be about the second time my friend took photos of me. I will try to take pics the next days, hopefully the weather will be better.

Well, this time it happened in January, and it was unbelievably cold. There were like 3 degrees outside and the wind was blowing. Never in my life have I felt more cold before. Never. After getting home I remember that I took all the cold medicines that I could possibly find. And took a half-an-hour-super-warm shower.

Anyway, back to the photos, this series was supposed to be something conceptual, something different. The location was also chosen by my friend (this time, on one side of the riverbank which crosses the city). The process of taking photos was shorter, and it was all the time taking the jacket off, taking some photos, putting the jacket on for 5 minutes, then again taking it off and so on until I couldn't take it off anymore. Also, we had to go in the car and turn the heating on. I'm not really a winter person and I don't resist too much in the cold. But besides this, it was pretty cool. Now I know what real models must endure, and probably much more than this.

In these pics I wore a H&M black lace dress, tights and balerinas (which you cannot see). Make-up & hair were also made by my friend. (

Have a nice day!

P.S.: great song for today :)


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