Nov 5, 2012

Letters from the past (I)

Hello readers!

After being all day up and away, I finally managed to find some time and write this post. I will probably not have time to write every day , but when I do, I will.

So what I wanna share with you today is my first photo shooting experience (there were only three). I can remember that day like it was yesterday. It was in August 2011 (I know it's been a year and something, but these are my favorite pics of them all!) , few days (I think two) before leaving my hometown and coming to Germany (in order to start my master here). On one hand, everything that was happening was pretty hectic - I had to pack all my things and also to stay as much as I can with my family (because, you know, when you're the only child this process it's never easy), and on the other hand we (me & my dear-photographer-best-friend) wanted to have this photo session before I leave. I was supposed to go pick her up, so before leaving home, I put in a bag some clothes, shoes and make-up items. The location she chose was very nice, outside the city, but before getting there, we went to the mall, because apparently it was too early - we had to wait for the sun to go down a bit and get close to sunset. After getting to the right spot, about two hours flew by and we didn't even feel it. The great thing was that it's only been us there , so it was pretty fun and relaxing.

She is very talented and the result (one month later - all the waiting almost killed me, sorry again for stressing you!) impressed me deeply. Unfortunately we are too far away from each other for this to happen more often.
I chose the ones I like best.

If interested, you can always check her work on or here, !

See you soon,


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