Nov 4, 2012

Let's get it started already.

After many thoughts and some years, I decided to come back to bloggers world. About 5 years ago I had another blog (which has probably been deleted meanwhile cause I can't find it anymore), but after some months I got kind of bored of writing, so I gave up.
Now though, I want something else. I want a sort of a fashion blog (yeah, I know there are many of these, but hey, everyone can express himself in his own,particular way) with all kind of small things which cross through my mind and I want to post.
Also, pictures! I like pictures, to take pictures but mostly to be taken pictures of, so I figured it will be a good way to do that without suffocating facebook *biggrin*.

So, to get it started with, I took these pics one week and a half ago, after waking up in the morning with an idea and the sun in my eyes. Well, actually, when I saw it was such a pretty day I immediately thought of going in the park and take some pictures of the beautiful autumn colors. So I did, and this came out.     

                                   I wear H&M blouse and cardigan, H&M sunglasses, Pimkie leggings, Guess watch ,
                                                       H&M spiked necklace, Tamaris biker boots, New Yorker studded bag

It was a bit weird I must say. People running / riding the bike / walking their dogs or kids probably thought I was crazy trying to find places where I could place my camera to get some normal photos and then taking pics of myself, but finally I got used to it and started not to care anymore (also, waited for them to pass - it was a more comforting thought :)).
I will try to do this whenever I'll have time, ideas and probably some good weather (but since it's almost winter, good weather means no rain).

This is it for today, stay tunned!


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