Jul 10, 2017

Baby blue with a twist

Blouse / Bluza - Primark (SS16) || Skirt / Fusta - HERE / AICI || Hat / Palarie - C&A || 
Bag / Geanta - Zara || Sunglasses / Ochelari de soare - Mango || Slides / Saboti - Forever 21

Hey, hey, hey, it's Monday again! I got myself a big cup of coffee and I'm trying to write to you some words along with this new set of photos which we took yesterday. Cause yes, we only take photos during the weekends. :) As you can see, the wind blew like crazy again and it drove me quite coo-koo but hey, I'm getting used to have all kinds of impediments when I intend to shoot something new :)
Nonetheless and FIY, I enjoy every moment of doing the "blogging thing" and I don't think I ever liked doing something else more than this. 

On another matter, the skirt that I'm wearing today gave me some "headaches" until I found the perfect combo to wear it. Well, perfect for me of course. Cause I could have easily added a pair of black heeled sandals and a black bag, but I am not really into wearing heels at the moment, I don't know why. Plus that I like to add a little twist to an outfit and make it "my own" :). But let's start with the beginning: the skirt is adorable, the fabric is light, silky and flowy, just perfect for those hot summer days, and I love the fact that it is not see-through. The shade of blue is adorable and I like the tie detail at the waist, as well as I love those ruffles. :) It is super comfy and it can be easily dressed up or down to be worn on different occasions. For example, with a black top and a pair of black heels you can easily wear this skirt on a night out, with a pair of flip flops / espadrilles you can wear it at the seaside (can't wait for that!), or you can wear it like me, on a summer Sunday afternoon in the city. :)

But to get back to the twist I added to this outfit, well first of all, the blouse I am wearing has in fact a normal length, but I tied it at the back and wore it as a crop top simply because I liked it better like this and, as that was not enough, I also wore it back to front. :)) Then I added the ruffled bag (isn't it adorable?!) and the black slides, which are some of this season's must haves. Finally, I also added my favourite summer accessory, the straw hat. Et voila, I was ready to go! :)

What do you think? Wishing you all a happy Monday and a beautiful new week!
Love, A.

P.S.: You can find this lovely skirt HERE


  1. Der Rock ist ja der Hammer! Ich liebe ihn und brauche auch noch unbedingt so einen :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie / www.goldzeitblog.de

    1. Vielen Dank liebes! Der Rock ist echt schön, ich bin immer begeistert von den Shein Produkten! <3

  2. Der Rock und die Tasche schauen richtig toll aus.

    Ich würde den Look genauso stylen.

    Richtig schön gemacht.


    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fashionpassionprofession/

    1. Das freut mich sehr! Vielen lieben Dank! xx

  3. Love the whole look and the details are perfect! Gorgeous!


  4. Beautiful your look with the blue skirt!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Wow, dein Outfit ist so so schön und steht dir hervorragend. Toller Look und super schöne Fotos.

    LG Katharina


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