Jan 31, 2017

Yuyuan Gardens & French Concession

Even though a while ago I said to myself I will not post "travelling photos" on the blog anymore, the wonderful places we've seen the last days changed my mind. So I thought of combining the travelling part with the fashion part and therefore I have a new type of post for you today which will show you many photos of the beautiful gardens we've seen on Friday and some photos from a very special district in Shanghai, which is the French Concession.

To tell you a few words about these places, Yuyuan (Yu) Gardens is one of the top touristic destinations when it comes to Shanghai and we've already been here twice, but only last Friday we got to visit the actual gardens. Being situated in the heart of Shanghai's old city, this place is surrounded by a market where you can find beautiful and authentic souvenirs (for which you can of course bargain:-D), silk scarves, jewellery, etc, but also all sorts of Chinese food. The Yu Garden was built in 1559 during the Ming Dynasty and it was the largest and most prestigious garden of its era in Shanghai.
Before actually getting to enter the gardens we had to cross a bridge (you can see it below), a bridge that was so full of tourists that you could barely walk and this almost convinced us not to enter the gardens, but I'm glad that we didn't give up because there were in fact a lot fewer people inside and the place was extremely beautiful and peaceful. You can spend hours here and just enjoy the unique Chinese architecture and landscape and we will definitely come back sometime during summer, when everything will be greener and in bloom.

My outfit was a sporty-casual one because it was just one of those days when I just wanted to feel comfy and warm. I wore a pair of ripped jeans and an off white sweater to which I added my oversized taupe coat and bag. The pop of colour was added by the Nikes and my new fluffy accessory for the bag, which I totally love and I think it brightens up any outfit. :)

Beware, there are many photos below :D

Coat / Palton - H&M || Sweater / Pulover - H&M || Jeans / Blugi - HERE / AICI || 
Bag / Geanta - Michael Kors || Sneakers / Sneakers - Nike Air Max || 
Bag Accessory / Accesoriu pt geanta - Zara

After we visited the gardens we decided to also go to another district which is called French Concession and which was a foreign concession in Shanghai. Initially it wasa settlement for the French but it soon attracted residents of various nationalities. This area retains a distinct character due to its european style buildings, streets with restaurants, pubs, bars and even markets and it is a very popular tourist destination in Shanghai. Again, I can't wait for the weather to get warmer to be able to sit on a terrace and enjoy the special vibe this place has. :)


  1. Ce loc frumos! Mai asteptam si alte poze, imi plac genul asta de postari :)
    Foarte draguta tinuta, imi place mult paltonul! <3

    1. Da, e superb! Ma bucur mult ca iti plac aceste postari, voi mai face cu siguranta pentru ca anul acesta avem multe de vazut, iar astfel combin partea de fashion si travelling intr-o postare :D
      Paltonul e tare oversized, desi e marimea mea, si poate nu e pe placul tuturor dar ma bucur sa aud ca iti place :D Te pup

  2. Au deci paltonul asta este absolut superb !! Il ador <3
    Si locul asta very very pretty
    Kisses babe

  3. What beautiful photos!! Love your casual look. Your coat and sunnies are fabulous!

    xx, Elise

  4. Wow! Wonderful look and photos! Very beautiful coat!


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