Apr 19, 2013

Italy (II)

Third destination - Florence. As I told you in the previous post, something had to happen even before getting in Florence, actually when we wanted to leave and had to put the address in the GPS we realized that the hotel which we booked for Florence was not actually in Florence but somewhere in the northern part of Italy. Fun times. So what to do what to do, we searched for another hotel and we booked it only two hours before arriving. Then we left, hoping to have a place where to spend the night. When we got at the new hotel, the owner told us that they don't have that type of room, and actually they don't have any free room since it was the Easter Sunday, but luckily he was a nice guy and booked a room for us at the hotel across the street, where we got and everything was finally ok. Same story, we dropped everything and went to see the city. I had no idea that here was the place where my legs will start to suffer. But what can I tell you? Florence is amazing! So much history (I was especially fascinated after watching the Borgias), the Dome is colorful and really amazing, Ponte Vecchio is full of gold jewelry stores and people crossing from one side of Florence to the other side. Tourists, tourists everywhere, sun, pizza calzone, lots of walking, beautiful sights to be seen, Chianti wine, lovely Tuscany - that's how I'll remember Florence.

Fourth destination - Rome. The next day, after breakfast, we left for Rome. Nice sunny weather, the temperatures were incresing while getting closer to Rome. When we arrived, there were 18 degrees - just perfect! The hotel was very nice, actually this and the one in Bologna were the best hotels, so if you plan a trip and you are interested I can tell you the names :). So we left our things at the hotel and left to see the city. We waited for the bus for 20 mins and when it finally arrived we got in and realized that we can't buy tickets in the bus, so we had to get off at the first stop. And here began the real legs and feet pain. Firstly we went to the Old Centre, where you can see all the Roman ruins, Traian's Column, the amazing Colosseum and very old beautiful buildings.
Then we went all the way along the Tibre and saw the bridges and the small island on the river, where there is another old, huge building, and after walking and walking we arrived at the Pantheon. A small piazza with a fountain in the middle, the Pantheon on one side and all the other sides full of terraces and restaurants. Under the roof sustained by the imposing columns of the Pantheon people had found shelter from the rain. Yes it started raining again, the joy! As in for us, we sat at a terrace, had some pastas and a bottle of water, shared some jokes with the waiter and enjoyed the view. Beautiful!
With the last senses in our legs, we continued our on-foot trip up to Fontana di Trevi, which was not as I imagined it to be (or what I saw in the movies, liars! :-P), it was even better. We saw it that night and also the next day, and I can't decide whether it was more beautiful by day or by night. After some more walking - and I'm telling you that I couldn't feel my feet anymore! , we finally arrived at the hotel.

We spent the second day in Rome by exploring some more. We went to see Piazza de Spagna and Piazza del Popolo (both are large urban squares), after which we went to the Vatican. Huge queues of people waiting to see the museum, crowds of people walking around the big square. You could still see the chairs and the floral arrangements they had in the square for Easter. Impressive building, wonderful place.
With this, we kind of saw everything in Rome, and we still had half a day to spend in the city, so Fontana di Trevi was once again on the list, the city centre and somehow, before getting dark we got to the Vatican again. Needless to say, feet pain again. This day ended for us after having dinner in a small, cute restaurant near our hotel.

Fifth, and last destination - Verona. On the way back we stoped at half of the distance in this (seemed to me) small, but very chic, clean and pretty city. Oh well, after seeing the hotel I got a bit depressed, but I had to put myself together thinking that it's only one night and anyway, we'll spend the whole day out. Don't get me wrong, everything was white and clean, but the way it looked was not very nice. Anyway, we got to the city centre where you can see a big square with many terraces and the main attraction - the Arena, which is smaller than Colosseum (actually the third as size in Italy, built in the year 30 A.D.) and is internationally famous for the opera performances and shows given here. Afterwards, we had to see the house of Juliet (Casa di Giulietta), where it was a must (for me) to latch a lock and write on the wall. We had dinner on a nice terrace in a small square and then we found our way to the hotel on the fairytale like streets. Such a romantic city!



  1. Lovely outfits and pics!!And Italy has a lot of thing to show! :)

    1. thanks dear! Italy is simply amazing, it fascinated me :)

  2. thank you dear! i followed you back :)
    hope to see you around soon!



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