Feb 11, 2019

Back again

Coat / Palton - HERE / AICI || Shirt / Camasa - H&M || Jeans / Blugi - Zara || 
Boots / Botine - H&M || Bag / Geanta - Love Moschino 

Hey hey!

After a long, well deserved break I am back on the blog with some new outfits to show you..yay! But, if you wonder why I've been absent..well because I decided not to take any photos and risk catching a cold during this cold bad wintery weather we had. Plus I didn't have a photographer until last week and then my car's battery was dead (also because of the cold) and so on :) But now better shinier days seem to come, plus a few weekend getaways, so I will definitely take new pics. :)

This past weekend we didn't have anything planed but somehow we took a very last minute decision with our friends to visit Basel on Saturday and also to spend the night. You can imagine that it was the perfect occasion to shoot some new looks so here I am with the first one, a mix of burgundy, blue jeans and chain print, all topped with a super fluffy and warm teddy COAT. I love the design this coat has and how soft it is and I think it is just perfect for a milder winter and even for the beginning of spring. The quality is also very good, it is lined and quite light to wear. It doesn't have any buttons but I don't mind because I usually wear them open anyways, but if you want to close it you can add a chic belt to it.

I chose to wear the fluffy coat with a blue pair of mom jeans, a chain printed shirt and a pair of burgundy sock boots. What do you think? :D

Have a lovely new week, A.

P.S: You can find the coat HERE, also in pink and black and if you use my code "Q1flas10" on this website you will get a discount on your whole purchase.


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