Dec 14, 2017

Caramel Latte

 Coat / Palton - HERE / AICI || Sweater / Pulover - HERE / AICI || Jeans / Blugi - Mango || Bag / Geanta - Zara || Boots / Botine - Primark || Beret / Bereta - Orsay

If you know me by now, you might have noticed that my biggest weakness during winter time are the COATS. Until last winter, I didn't even have another type of jacket for this time of the year, just many many coats and some faux furs. However, I'm not gonna tell you about all my coats, but about the fact that for the past two years I've been investing in camel coats (of slightly different shades, but still camel) and I probably have about 3 pieces at this time. Of course, they are not all the same and I love this color too much to resist. The latest addition is the one I am wearing in today's photos and I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am by its quality. It's thick and warm, it has a wonderful shade and I totally love the oversized cut. Another thing that I love about camel COATS is the fact that they can look very classy and elegant with a pair of high heels, but you can also wear them with sneakers or flat boots in a more casual way and still look amazing. So, if you are looking for a camel coat, I can only recommend you this one! I already wore it in many combinations and it looks really pretty. To be honest, it is my go-to COAT at the moment and I feel like wearing it all the time:).

Another thing you might have known about me (or not) is the fact that I love coffee and my favourite coffee from Starbucks is the Caramel Latte. But as much as I love coffee, I never had a SWEATER in this color. At least not until now. And truth be told, I was quite skeptical at the beginning because it's not the easiest color to style, but somehow it seemed very interesting to me. So, I give it a try and I actually love how it looks when paired with something I haven't worn in ages, the flared jeans, with the camel coat and...what do you think?! My beloved bag from Zara has almost the same color. :) Of course, I love all that and the fact that it is a slightly oversized and very soft SWEATER, exactly my type.

I would very much like you to tell me how would you wear this sweater.

Love, A.

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  1. E superb paltonul, imi place mult culoarea si croiala! <3
    Imi place intreaga tinuta, e super chic si comfy! :*

  2. Liebste Andra
    Der Mantel ist so schön. Gefällt mir richtig gut. Ich liebe Camel. Habe auch einen Mantel in der Farbe. Möchte aber unbedingt noch einen weiteren haben. Ein Klassiker der nie aus der Mode kommt. Und auch dein Pullover sieht super aus.

    LG Katharina

  3. Ein toller Look! Mantel und Pulli gefallen mir sehr gut - das sind meine Farben :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

  4. Cool outfit!
    I love camel coats and berets!
    I also have a few pieces, but my favourite is a vintage full length...
    have a great weekend,

  5. I love your outfit! You are soo beautiful


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