Aug 24, 2017

Fengjing, Shanghai [#travelwithme]

Top, Skirt, Slides, Bag / Bluza, Fusta, Saboti, Geanta - Zara || 
Silk Scarf / Esarfa de matase- HERE / AICI

It's been a while since I had a travel post around here (probably the last one was the one from Beijing), but during the week when our friends came to visit us we saw some pretty cool new places and I thought that this particular one was worth sharing with you. 

I love Shanghai because it is a city full of contrasts and the biggest one you can see is probably the fact that, on one hand, it has incredible skyscrapers and a famous skyline renowned all around the world, but on the other hand you can get lost on its streets and see parts of the real China. Also, there are many water towns / villages in and around Shanghai where you can actually see how the Chinese live their everyday lives. We already saw 3 of these water towns, Suzhou being the most famous one, but this 4th one (named Fengjing) which you can see in today's pictures was by far the best one. Probably the fact that it wasn't crowded at all had a big influence on us, but I can't even begin to tell you how lovely it was to get lost on its narrow streets without bumping into another person or without having someone yelling around you or without having vendors trying to sell you things constantly. We were even able to take a boat ride on the canals without having to bare interminable queues. In fact, we were the only ones there and it was sooo good! Not to mention that I was even able to take loads of pics 😆

I've been truly impressed by this little gem which is only one-hour drive away from Shanghai and this was not only my opinion, we all felt the same. So now you probably understand why I thought this was worth posting. Plus that I wanted to show you what I chose to wear that day - a quite casual, but chic look in yellow and black & white, to which I added the second mini scarf which I received from LILYSILK WOMEN COLLECTION and this time I chose to wear it as a bag accessory. 

What do you think of this look?
Hugs, A.

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  1. This look with the striped skirt is beautiful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Dein Look ist mal wieder großartig! Die Kombi gefällt mir total gut. Ich mag gelb sehr, aber ich traue mich an die Farbe gar nicht ran :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

  3. This outfit is so pretty! I really love this skirt!

  4. Tolle Bilder meine Liebe und ich finde deine Schuhe soooo schön.
    Stehen dir super.
    LG Katharina

    1. Vielen vielen Dank liebe Katharina! LG


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