Nov 17, 2016

My 5 Winter Essentials

Yes yes, I know it's not quite winter yet but it is already mid-November (OMG.) so there is not much of this autumn left. Therefore, I thought of sharing with you some of the pieces which I find to be essential for the upcoming winter, well which are in fact a must have for me and they might be an inspiration for you too.

1. SWEATERS. Short funny story, when I was in school I used to hate sweaters because I thought they made me look fat (what a mentality haha) and I only wore them extremely rarely, but after the years have passed and I grew up I began to love them. And now, oh well I would be very happy if I could have them all: fluffy, cosy, snuggly sweaters, the most warm ones please! Big & oversized sweaters, turtlenecks, tight ones, cropped ones, the options are countless and I like them all. And because in my wardrobe most of them are oversized, I decided to order THIS ONE and see how it looks on me. What caught my attention was of course the beaded neckline which makes it slightly elegant and it is a great detail added to a sweater. Besides that it was of course the grey color, for which I developed quite an obsession lately (you will see what I'm talking about) and I actually wanted a shorter sweater which would be perfect for skirts, but also suitable to be worn with a white shirt underneath and a pair of black jeans / pants. THIS SWEATER is super, super soft and warm and I'm very happy with my choice, it is exactly what I was looking for. If I didn't convince you, you can check it out HERE and read all the good reviews it has. :)   

2. PLEATED SKIRTS. Any kind of skirts in fact, but this season I like in particular the pleated ones. Whether you like the velvet ones, faux leather ones or metallic ones, they are all super trendy right now and besides looking amazing you can easily go from a day look to a night one, only by changing or adding accessories. I chose this time a FAUX-LEATHER SKIRT because I didn't have one in this style so far and I thought it will be perfect this season. I love its midi length and the fact that it is pleated, whereas the fabric is good and it keeps its lovely shape. As you can see, I decided to wear it in a casual outfit this time, but I think it will be perfect for the holiday season as well, with a pair of heels and an elegant top. You can find it HERE.

3. TIGHTS. This is a more delicate subject because there are in fact only two types of tights which I like: the black, thick, opaque, like the ones in the pictures and lately the fishnet tights, of which you probably know that there is such a hype around at the moment. I don't like the skin-colored tights or the colourful ones, just plain thick black and that's what I always wear during the cold season. I think they look great with almost everything and they also keep me warm. I do however make exceptions but ONLY when this type of tights just don't go with the outfit, for e.g. with an elegant dress. Even so, I still don't like the other ones I just have to wear them :))

4. METALLICS. Well, I had to adapt this article a little bit to the Winter Trends 2016, right?! And what better way of doing that if not by adding some metallic elements, which I love in fact. Whether you choose to go for a jacket, a skirt, a top, a bag or a pair of shoes, they are all very IN and you can wear them both during the daytime and during the nighttime. They even make me think of the holiday season :) A piece of advice though, try to wear just one metallic piece, you would't want to look like a Christmas Tree. :D

5. ANKLE BOOTS. Last but not least, the shoes. I usually go on foot almost everywhere and I like to walk a lot, therefore a pair of comfortable shoes are a must. And now that the cold season is here, I've been looking for a pair of black ankle boots which would fulfil the above requirements but which would also look great with everything, and especially with skirts / dresses. I think all of them look great with jeans and pants, but it's difficult to find a pair which would look good with skirts or dresses as well. At least for me it was difficult and therefore I was super happy to find these. I literally live in them ever since and it's not like I don't have other ones, I just like these best. :)

And now, let me know which are your winter essentials? I would love to "hear" them out :)

Wishing you a lovely end of the week!
Hugs, A.

a little fun at the end :D

Sweater / Pulover - HERE / AICI
Skirt / Fusta - HERE / AICI
Ankle Boots / Botine - Zara
Bag / Geanta - Manguun


  1. Wow, du siehst toll aus! Ich liebe deinen Look und würde ihn genauso tragen wie du! Die Tasche finde ich ja soooo toll :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

  2. Amazing outfit, sweaters are my must have for winter :)

    1. Thank you dear! Mine too, I cannot survive the winter without them :D

  3. You are so pretty! Beautiful look!)


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