Oct 27, 2016

Halloween with Shein 🎃

Halloween Costumes
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Halloween is just around the corner, therefore I selected some cool costumes and masks which would be just perfect for this occasion. I must admit that I never wore a costume or anything for Halloween, but if there would be a party to attend, I would definitely try some of these. My favourite items are definitely the red cape and the masks and I think these can be pulled off really easy and you can create cool looks with them. But if you feel like wearing something more sexy, than a rabbit outfit or a dress with blood on it are just some of the ideas. 

However, I also selected some items which are very on trend now and which can be worn all the time, not just on Halloween, and here I am talking about the Metallic Skirts. The Metallic Trend is definitely one of my favourites this season and besides looking amazing, it is actually very versatile and makes your outfits very glam and special. I selected three different midi skirts for you which I personally love and which can be easily incorporated in your everyday outfits but also in an Halloween look. :) 
All these items can be found HERE, on SALE, together with many other clothing pieces with which you can create your perfect Halloween outfit. 

So which is your favourite item and how will you dress up this year? I'm very curious to see what ideas you have. :D 
I won't be dressing up for Halloween, but if you'll follow me on Instagram (@andyandra) and/or Snapchat (andy-andra) you will see what I'll be up to. It's pretty exciting, I'm telling you :D

Kiss kiss,

P.S.: Even if I will be away, I already have two outfits prepared to post next week so stay tuned! <3

Halloween Masks


  1. Amazing post dear! I clicked on everything :)


  2. Wow lovely dresses ... and the mask are fab too....great post hun...xo, Neha


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