Sep 6, 2016

Fall Wishlist

Lace Dresses

Here I am showing you a new wishlist, but this time a very autumn appropriate one. Because you know, the new season is just around the corner and we all need some new cute stuff in our wardrobe.

For me, this season begins with many new collaborations and new websites to introduce to you and I already have some packages on the way with some pretty cool stuff which I cannot wait to review and show to you. But until then, I chose some beautiful pieces from HERE, a new website with which I teamed up and which has a wide variety of clothing, accessories, shoes and even home decor items. The best part is that they offer free shipping worldwide and you get 10% discount if you sign up on their website.

Anyway, it was quite difficult to choose just a few items as the variety is so large but I finally set my eyes on some beautiful Lace Dresses because they are so elegant and are suitable for each season. Just take a look at the one in the middle <3...Then, I loved the three sweaters below and you might say that it's too soon to think about sweaters but I'm telling you, the cold weather will be here in no time. Better to be prepared, right? 
And finally, a pleated skirt is a must this season, they are adorable and can be worn in so many ways. 

Which is your favourite item? What would you add to your Fall Wishlist?
Love, A.

P.S: The links to each item can be found below the images. 


1. HERE / AICI || 2. HERE / AICI || 3. HERE / AICI

Pleated Skirts

1. HERE / AICI || 2. HERE / AICI || 3. HERE / AICI

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  1. Such a lovely outfits! Great post!


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