Jul 28, 2016

Mid-Summer Wishlist

Untitled #32

Mini purse / Gentuta

Hey my dears, I selected for today's post some soft and pretty items, which are still perfect for this season. The maxi dresses from above are on my wishlist since forever: they have such lovely colors and the length is perfect. They are suitable to be worn during the day but also during the warm summer nights, the only difference being made by how you decide to accessorize it. Midi skirts are also among my favorites because they are so feminine and beautiful, but you already know that. :) However, next season's surprise are the tulle skirts & dresses, which will be the star of the outfit regardless of the color you choose to wear. You have direct links to each item below the collages, all you have to do is make some clicks. :D
I'm looking forward to find out which is your favorite item :)

Have a great weekend,



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