Jul 18, 2016

70s inspired look

Hey lovelies! Not very long ago I showed you another 70s inspired look and it was all about those kick flared jeans, if you remember (you can see it HERE). This time though I chose a denim skirt which has been in my closet for quite a while but I didn't get the chance to show it to you. As you might know, the button front denim skirts were very trendy during the seventies and so were they this season. I was never that into denim skirts, but this style got to me and I had to have one. However, I didn't want it to be too short because I wanted to be able to wear it with heels too and I didn't want the color to be too dark, nor too light. So after doing some research, I found this one at H&M and I love that it has the perfect length and that denim used-look.

For more seventies vibes I added the off the shoulders white blouse with bell sleeves which I totally love. It is a new addition to my off-the-shoulders collection and I love its light fabric and those large, flowy sleeves which make it so retro. The only problem is that I ordered it a size or two too big and I had to tuck it completely in my skirt as it is almost as long as my skirt, hence the wrinkles on the skirt. That and sitting in the car before the photos were taken, sorry for that! But to go back to the blouse, my advice to you is to always check the sizes and your measurements right (this is also a NOTE TO SELF, :)) ). You can find the blouse HERE for only 9$!

Finally, I added these lovely golden sandals with block heel which I found at Zara on SALE. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical but now I love them so much, they go with almost everything and look amazing. I know I will wear them a lot this summer. :)

Do you like seventies inspired looks?

Hugs & Kisses,

Blouse / Bluza - HERE / AICI
Skirt / Fusta - H&M 
Sandals / Sandale - Zara
Bag / Geanta - Primark


  1. Very lovely! I like this so much,

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  2. So gorgeous! love your top!


  3. I love everything about your outfit! :) xx


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