Oct 24, 2015

the colorful scarf

It's Saturday and I don't normally post during the weekends, but I had this post prepared and I wanted to show you the second outfit we shot last weekend, so I thought to myself "why not?". Plus that during the week I don't have much time to post too often.

Therefore I have a new & colorful look, this time using an oversized scarf (a blanket scarf) as a centerpiece. I was not very keen into scarves but, apparently, this is another item which I started to love. They come in numerous prints and colors and they are super warm both when worn as a normal scarf or when worn as I wore it, as a cape/poncho/don't exactly know how to call it :)). As you can see, my outfit is very basic (just black & white) but together with the colorful scarf and a burgundy hat everything is changed, making it look cuter, more chic and maybe less formal.

Another thing that I love these days are the shirts with a bow tied around the neck. This is one of this autumn's trends and it is actually a very good and easy way to reinvent your shirts, just by adding a black ribbon (or another color) and tying it in a bow. In fact, my shirt came with a white bow, but I wanted a black one so I took one from an old shirt and here it is. This past week I tried the same with a purple shirt and I find it so much cuter like this (you can see it HERE). You should definitely give it a try.

Ok, off I go now! I leave you with the photos and I wish you a lovely weekend!

Scarf, Shirt, Bag, Boots // Primark
Jeans, Earrings // H&M
Hat // OASAP


  1. Your maxi scarf is perfect on your combo and you are really adorable with that hat!!! Kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

    1. Thank you dear! I'm glad you like it :) kisses

  2. Super cute outfit! I love your bag :) xx

  3. What a lovely blanket scarf! I love how you've belted it around yourself like a cape!

    Scarves are a great way to add colour to an outfit while staying cosy too!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Great idea!!! I'm a big fan of scarves,big ones! This i a great idea to wear a scarf, it gives the outfit personality! I really find this post awesome, you're improving your feminine style every day!:)

    1. This year I also became a big fan of them and I'm hoping to improve my collection :D
      Thank you sweetie, kisses

  5. Love that stylish outfit with those OTK boots! :)

    Love that scarf!! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  6. Blanket scarves are my fave Fall accessory, you look beautiful in this one!

    House of Illusions


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