Feb 2, 2015

casual greys

Saturday morning. I wake up abnormally early, at about 8.30 a.m. I mean, I knew we where supposed to wake up earlier that day, but I had something like 10-10.30 a.m. on my mind. I decided to stay in bed some more thinking that I might fall asleep again and I actually did, but not for long cause at 9.30 our upstairs neighbor was moving furniture in order to use the vacuum cleaner (EVERYF*INGWHERE). So, I finally decided it is totally useless to keep staying there and I'd better start getting ready cause we were supposed  to make a short trip to Austria that day. 

Two hours later we were on the road, the sun was shining, it was the perfect winter day for such a trip. We listened to music and sang (me) the whole road and after about two hours and a half we reached the destination, solved what we had to solve and we found ourselves on the way back. Knowing we will be so close to the Alps, I had some photos on my mind since the day before, so we decided to stop somewhere on the way back. And which place would have been better if not the pretty Lake Constance with the Alps in the background? Even if the thermometers were showing +4°C the real feel was at least -4°C for me. It was windy and super cold and in about 15 mins (that's how long we stayed there) my hands were red and I couldn't feel them anymore. It would have been nice to be able to stay a little longer there but it was getting dark soon and we didn't want to drive on snow on the way back. Of course, as Murphy never sleeps, it snowed a lot on the way back and it was getting colder and colder but managed to reach home safely. 

Regarding my outfit, this is definitely my favorite casual chic look at the moment. The black and grey combo was for sure this winter's favorite color combo and I love it. The sweater is the warmest ever and I love how it looks with leather pants and those much-wanted booties which you were able to see on Instagram.The white oversized coat was the touch of elegance. :) As for the accessories, I kept everything quite simple, I only added a grey clutch, my new silver watch and some rings with pearls. I hope you like it! :)     

Sweater, Coat, Boots // Zara
Pants, Rings // H&M
Clutch // Primark
 Watch // Michael Kors
Sunnies // New Yorker 

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  1. How stunning! I really love this grey sweater, it suits you so well :)


  2. O tinuta absolut supera draga mea, imi plac ochelarii !!

  3. Wow, such a great look!
    I love the white coat :)


  4. love this look!


  5. lovely look!


  6. Imi place tare mult paltonul si geanta plic <3 de fapt, imi place tot outfit-ul, cat si modul in care le-ai asociat :) Kisses

  7. Super cute coat. Love how you paired it with a leather pants. You look so stylish!


  8. Love how you paired alike cuts together, nicely done :)

    House of Illusions

  9. love your nails!


  10. Boots-urile tale sunt mega cool!!! Imi place casual grey-ul tau!:)


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