Oct 7, 2014

be jewelled

I was never a big fan of autumn, but I realized that as the years go by I start to like it more and more. I love the yellow carpet of leaves, the warm afternoon light and the pretty and colorful landscapes. Ok, this year we were really lucky to have a warm and sunny autumn so far, or as others might say a golden one. Yeah, I guess age has nothing to do with the fact that I start liking it, but these warm, sunny days that we still have. Once the rain will come, I will most likely start hating it again. :-)

When it comes to clothes however, I definitely love autumn colors: burgundy, red, pink, khaki, green, mustard, yellow, black, beige and brown. Not to mention the warm cardigans and sweaters, coats of all kinds, kimonos, hats and lipsticks in shades of red or burgundy. Plenty of reasons to love this season.

For today I chose a khaki - black combination, by wearing a shirt I bought two years ago and which I still like a lot, and a midi black skirt. The shirt has some rhinestones on the left pocket and these make it more special, more out of the ordinary. Due to the fact that the outfit is quite simple, I chose to add a studded clutch and some golden accessories. Et voila, a pretty comfy, yet chic outfit, perfect for a dinner out with friends!

What are your favorite items for autumn?

Shirt, Skirt // H&M
Booties // Zara
Clutch // Mango
Sunglasses // HERE

Have a great week!


  1. Ce tinuta frumoasa!Este superba fusta!

  2. the skirt is perfect!♥ amazing outfit!:)


  3. I love autumn... The weather is perfect, I can wear layered outfits, cool trench coats and boots, hats, knitwear, colors and I could go on like the for at least 3 minutes :)

    Great outfit ! Love the shirt.

    1. Good point of view and good reasons to love autumn :) Thank you!

  4. You look adorable! My fave things are flannel and checkers!

    House of Illusions

  5. Such a pretty outfit!!
    Thank you so much for your visit on my blog xxx


  6. Great blog! Love your personal style!
    May be you'd like followng each other?

    Maggie from

  7. Foarte frumoasa esti! Imi place si tinuta foarte, foarte mult! Ador culoarea kaki, in special jachetele/camasile in aceasta culoare! Foarte frumos ai alaturat camasa fustitei midi! <3

  8. Its like flipping through a fashion magazine, lovely post and lovely pictures :)

  9. Multumesc frumos draga Laura, ma bucur ca iti place! :) Pupici

  10. Nice Skirt. Romi


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