Jan 10, 2014

NYE's outfit

Among napkins and flu pills, I'm sitting in the middle of my bed, sipping some hot soup and writting this new post. I promised to show you my NYE's outfit, but you will see that the pics were not taken that night since I was not in the mood for photos and anyway I thought they would come out better in the daylight. My picture territory was intruded and what came out is not exactly what I imagined.

Funny thing is that the two lovely dogs you will see below didn't exactly let me do my thing all by myself, they probably wanted you to know them. As you already know, I'm a cat person, but these two dogs are so cute and loving, and it's unbelievable how happy a dog can be when it sees you. While cats, you know, they don't care most of the times (I still love you most, you felines, don't worry!).
They have both been adopted, the big one from the dog shelter and the little one was wandering the nearby streets, and they will probably be forever grateful for this. In case you were wondering, they are not mine because I have four cats (two were "adopted" from the street), but they belong to my future in-laws.
Here's a piece of advice: adopt an innocent soul and it will always be thankful!

Regarding the outfit, I chose a b&w outfit, not a very fancy one because it wouldn't have been appropriate for the place where we've been. At first I had a totally different thing in mind, but when I tried this dress on, I fell in love instantly. I also like how it looks with the tall boots and the b&w bag. If you want a more elegant look, you can pair it, for example, with red stilettos and a red clutch.
What do you think and how would you wear this b&w flowery dress?

Zara dress, boots & necklace
H&M blazer & bag

Have a great weekend!
Love, A.


  1. beautiful dress and great hairstyle!
    Mrs Vain

  2. love the dress and the pictures turned out so well. the dogs are super cute :)

    1. Thank you so much! they are truly adorable :)

  3. Sehr sehr hübscher Look :)
    Das Kleid steht dir ausgezeichnet :)

    Svetlana von Lavender Star

  4. Ce simpatici sunt cateii! <3 Super rochia :) :*:*

  5. Wow! Great outfit and photos!
    Kisses ;-)


  6. Super stylish int his black & white floral! xxx


  7. you look amazing in this dress :)

  8. Esti super frumoasa in pozele astea!!! Imi place rochita ta! Sper ca ti-a trecut raceala. Cum sa nu iubesti mai cateii, adica i'm a cat & dog pearson. I love all animals in general. Dar da felinele nu se bucura precum catei, ever. ;)

    1. Multumesc frumos! Raceala mi-a trecut aproape de tot, mai sunt niste ramasite pe ici, pe colo :P
      Imi plac cateii, dar felinele imi plac mai mult :D I love animals too, well most of them (mai putin cele dubioase :)) ) Pupiciii

  9. This look is amazing, love your blog


  10. Oh this a great outfit! Those boots are simply gorgeous! Hope you are feeling better!

    Clothes & Quotes

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, I feel better now, thanks xx


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