Mar 28, 2013

before I go (2)..

Packing! The hardest thing for me to do..I never know how to pack in a logical way, by making a list or whatever, keeping an order and limiting myself only to the necessary things . This is because I always tend to wear what I don't have with me (the irony!), therefore I say that it's better to take almost everything I own in the closet (well not everything, but the most recent acquisitions) and like this, I'll have a great variety from which to choose. I used to do the same when I was doing my bachelor and I used to go home (only 50 km away) every weekend : a big suitcase only for the clothes, a bag for shoes and other stuff which I got from home. It was not so much fun carrying all that all the time, but I couldn't help it - my friends found this pretty amusing. Not to mention the time when I went in the mountains with some of my colleagues from the uni and I had a suitcase, in which you could find everything, including a hair straightener (which I didn't use of course, but that didn't keep them from making fun of me). So I guess you understand now how bad it is.

Taking a suitcase when you go on vacation can only work if you stay the whole time in one hotel and you can just drop the luggage there, but now we'll have to move all the time and to visit everything so clearly I cannot take a 20 kilos luggage. Actually, my fiancé told me his magnificent idea of taking backpacks. I couldn't look more skeptical. In the end I told him that it's impossible for me to pack EVERYTHING in a backpack, this plus the fact that I hate backpacks and I don't even have one.

Yesterday we went to search for some bags which are bigger than a backpack and smaller than a suitcase, the kind of bag which allows you to be flexible. Luckily, we found them and today I started choosing the clothes. I tried to prepare an outfit for each day, and I also put some spare shirts - you can never know when you may need them! :) All in all, I think that this came out quite good and the amount of clothes is in the normal range. For shoes I also got to limit myself at two pairs, which I think will be just enough.

Below you have a sneak preview of some of the outfits ..the rest, when I get back! Which one do you like best?

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter to the ones celebrating it now!
ღ Andy.


  1. I hate packing too! :) Your blog is absolutely fabulous-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!!


♥ Elle 
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    1. It' s good to see i'm not the only one :) thank you dear! I just followed you back! hope to keep in touch!


  2. Sweety thank you for your comment on my blog!
    Of course , follow each other..
    ..i you!


    1. I just followed you back! take care and happy blogging :) we will surely keep in touch!


  3. Great clothes! oh yes! :)
    So lovely!

    Please, can you visit the new Tobisclothesbook´s blog? :) Oh thanks! *.*


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