Dec 26, 2012


Hi all!

Finally new post, finally new pics.Firstly, I want to wish you happy holidays and soon, Happy New Year!

I'm currently home, in Romania, and I managed to take some new photos in the end. The past days have been crazy, visiting relatives and spending time with the family. And actually this is nice, but running from one side of the town to another is not so much fun. Also, moving from one table to another. For some reason , romanians love to eat a lot during Christmas holidays. And when I say a lot, it's really much, and everywhere you go you have to eat. This happens until you can't move anymore. I always wonder why do they eat during this time of the year as if there's no tomorrow.

Anyway, as naive as I am, I thought that I will have time to take many pictures at home because it's easy to just go out in my yard and solve the problem. It didn't happen though. I hope that the situation will get better the next days, and I also hope that these are the last pictures with this camera (I wanna get a new one soon, yay).

                  H&M jeans shirt and necklace, Tally Weijl skirt, Mondex (romanian brand) tights

                                                                      Zara boots, Guess watch, New Yorker bag

Enjoy your holiday and spend some quality time with your families!

All the best,


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