Dec 10, 2012

Christmas Colors

Hello each and one of you!

As I told you some posts ago and because Christmas is getting closer and closer, I want to tell you something about the trendy 2012 colors for Xmas.
If you ask me, I think that the best combination is red and gold, no matter the year we're in. I think it expresses best the warmth and love that surrounds us these days. And it also looks so pretty together.
At some point though, you might want to change a bit the colors of the tree which you'll see for the next (at least) two weeks every day.

The trend setters tell us something else this year, so here are some ideas :

You can either go for candy bright colors , such as vibrant pink or purple, turquoise (or other kind of blues) , orange or fine greens, which will surely create your colorful, full of joy Christmas corner.
In my opinion, these kind of combinations suit better for summer clothes, but if you want to have your own Candyland,you should definitely go for it.


Or you can go for soft pastels , such as white, silver, very light pink, very light green, light blue or even glass ornaments. This will give a wintery, icy, snowy vibe to you tree. Actually , this one sounds pretty good , so I might try it this year.

You can, of course, go for other classic combinations such as blue and silver, or purple and silver, and others.

Set free your imagination!

P.S.: All images are courtesy of Google Images :)


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