May 4, 2017

Minty Tulle [Tokyo, part 2]

Blouse / Bluza - Stradivarius || Skirt / Fusta - H&M || Bag / Geanta - Victoria's Secret || 
Sneakers / Sneakers - Converse || Sunglasses / Ochelari de soare - Stradivarius

These stories about Tokyo got a bit delayed because after having posted so many photos on Instagram while we were there I didn't know whether I should still write about it here or not. Finally I decided to do it because not everyone has Instagram, but also for me and for the future times when I will open this page and remember how it was and what we did. :)

So anyway, we had a brand new day in front of us and a lot was planned for it, which meant of course by the end of it another 10 km on foot. But until then, let's start with the beginning: our day began with our first breakfast at the hotel, which was alright but truth be told, we had better ones before. :)) The first thing on the list for that day was the Meiji Shrine, which is located in a forest and the coolest part about it are the Sake barrels which can be seen along the way to it (see photo below). Good weather on a Sunday means very crowded places, so we didn't want to spend too much time there, therefore we continued our way towards Ginza (I was telling you about this fancy neighbourhood HERE) and from there we took the subway and went to see the Sensoji Temple, which is one of the main attractions of the city. I loved the style and the fact that we could see so many Geishas wandering around so they made us get the real Japanese feeling, but sadly the place was overcrowded as well. Oh well oh well, I know we should get used to it, but it takes a while. :D

We thought we could change the angle a bit and a cruise on the river could show us the city from another point of view, therefore this was the next thing planed. We took the boat from Asakusa up to Hamarikyu Gardens and the cruise takes about 45min, offering a good view of Tokyo's waterfront buildings and the wide variety of bridges built on this river.

Finally, the part I've been waiting for the whole day was Chidoriga-fuchi, the famous moat surrounded by 260 cherry trees which looked so surreal in the photos. I already had imagined myself there, taking the dreamiest photos ever and I couldn't wait to get there! The place is located between the Imperial Palace and the British Embassy and there is a boat rental house and a sidewalk along the moat. But as the plans made at home are not the same as the reality and once we got there we realised that most of the trees had already lost their blossoms, even though we went there during the mid-season of the Sakura. I was a bit sad about it but the beauty of the place, the colorful boats, the good weather and the new kinds of flowers which were in bloom made me forget about it and enjoy every minute of it.

The photos below are arranged chronologically, and so is the text, so you can easily follow them together :) Also, at the end of the photos you will find many photos of the outfit I wore that day. I chose to be a modern ballerina during our 2nd day spent in Tokyo and I wore a striped top and my new tulle skirt in a minty color from H&M's spring collection. I love to style tulle skirts with Converse, probably even more than styling them with heels, because I think they look a little more edgy and cool. Also, this was probably the best choice for the day as it was both cute and comfortable.

What do you think? Do you still want to see the next 1-2 posts from Tokyo or you would prefer just to see the outfits / new outfits? Looking forward to hear your opinion!

Have a great weekend,

Sake Barrels ↑

Charms & Wishes at the Meiji Shrine ↑

Street Style in Ginza ↑

In the Subway ↑

Sensoji Temple ↑

During the cruise..↑

Hamarikyu Gardens ↑

Chidoriga-fuchi ↑


  1. Wow, was für tolle Bilder! Dein Rock ist ja traumhaft schön und das Streifenshirt passt ja hervorragend dazu :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

    1. Ich freue mich sehr dass dir mein Look gefällt <3

  2. These photos are beautiful! Love your mint skirt, so pretty!

    xx, Elise


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