Apr 22, 2015

Travel Diaries #3: Pattaya

Hello babes,

I finally managed to prepare this post and to tell you a few words about the last part of our trip in Thailand. As I like the seaside very much and I love laying in the sun and swimming we had to enjoy some days on Thailand's shore as well, and for this we chose Pattaya, a city and beach resort which is about 100 km south-east from Bangkok.

We got here by booking a taxi in advance, which took us from the airport in Bangkok up to our hotel in Pattaya. We booked our hotel through www.trivago.de and checked it of course on holidaycheck.de, and we were very pleased. It was situated in South-Pattaya, a bit far away from the beach (about 2 km), but in the end we were very happy about it, for 2 reasons:
1. As everything happens there at night, we were lucky to be in a more quiet area and have some peaceful nights :D
2. We never actually went to the beach in the city, so we didn't even had to be closer to it.

We preferred to search for more quiet and clean beaches, with fewer tourists and the ones we found were on the closest island to the city - Koh Larn (Coral Island). In order to get there, we took a boat everyday from Bali Hai Pier up to the Pier on Koh Larn (there are about 7 km and it takes cca 45 minutes to get there, for a very good price - 30 baht/pers) and from there you can either rent a motorcycle or get on one with a driver and you can choose on which of the seven beaches you want to go. That was quite a funny experience since it was the first time I rode a motorcycle, especially with two more persons on it. :)) But get used to it, safety is not the most important thing here, haha.

So during our 7 days stay we saw all the beaches on the island, but took sunbaths on two of them and just one got to be our favorite. Of course, besides laying on the beach the whole day, we also had to visit some of the tourist attractions in Pattaya which were:
- the Sanctuary of Truth, a building made 100% of wood, situated on the seashore. Its construction began in 1986 and they are still working on it. I think it is amazing and definitely something worth visiting while being in Pattaya. See more here: The Sanctuary of Truth .
- the Floating Market, a very nice market where you can find everything you want, but especially yummy food and great souvenirs. The great part is that some of the sellers sell everything from their boats and that is not something you see everyday ;)
- the Big Buddha, a giant statue of Buddha, situated on a hill in Pattaya from where you can see the whole city, and it is of course a place of worship.

I let you now enjoy the photos, but before that you should know that you can find my jumpsuit HERE.

Have a great, sunny rest of the week!
Hugs, Andy.

Jumpsuit // HERE
Dress // H&M
Kimono // HERE

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