Oct 15, 2014

rock chic

Hello my dears,

I've been a bit lazy these days to write a new post, I admit it, but here I am today with a new, comfy look which I wore last Sunday while going on  a short trip with my love. I think this outfit illustrates best my vision about the five must-have items/colors for autumn.

1. The leather jacket. Actually, it doesn't matter if it's autumn, spring or summer, a (faux) leather jacket has to be present in your wardrobe. I think it is the most versatile type of jacket, and it can be worn with jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, basically with everything. Of course, the black one is the easiest to pair, but I've seen some jackets in other colors which were absolutely fabulous. There is a studded one on my wishlist..

2. Oversized Sweaters/Cardigans. I like all kinds of oversized clothes, but especially sweaters and blouses because they are so comfy and light and pretty. The one I'm wearing is currently my favorite one and it is perfect for the warm season that we are facing. Needless to say that I love the print! :)

3. Ripped Jeans. I spoke about them before and I'm not gonna do it again, but they are my absolute favorites. Moreover, these jeans that I'm wearing where some normal, plain ones and on the way there, in the car, I diy-ed them by making a knee cut because I thought they were too boring like that. Yep, it's that bad.

4. Hats. Definitely the accessory that gives a special vibe to the outfit. My favorites are the ones with a broad brim, but I'm always willing to try new things so I already spotted some pretty cute ones, hihi :)

5. Shades of red. Of all kinds, from light red to dark burgundy, for your dresses, blouses, accessories, lips or nails. Right now, I love a burgundy lipstick and a burgundy nail polish and I find them to be the trendiest for this season. And the bag I'm wearing, well I find it to be the loveliest one, it is so easy to match and it just brightens up every outfit!

On another matter, while browsing online for fall trends I discovered a website called Raise , a website which offers discounted gift cards for different retailers such as Zara, H&M, Diesel, Guess, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and many more! A really great opportunity to save money. Plus, if you have extra merchandise credit or gift cards lying around you can sell them too! Check their website to find some great discounts!

 Sweater, Jeans, Hat, Boots // H&M
Bag // Mango

Au revoir!
<3 A.


  1. Ador palaria si jacheta de piele ;) Foartereusit acest outfit ;)

  2. very stylish look!!! cool post :-)

    New Look on the blog : www.jonthegold.com
    Greets Jon

  3. these pictures are so beautiful! i love the bokeh in the background. you look so happy and radiant.

  4. A very rockabilly lady! Love this hat



  5. Great outfit Andy! You look lovely...I love your hat :)


  6. Such a gorgeous look!!! Beautiful :)

    Layla xx


  7. Great outfit. I love your bag <3

  8. Loveee this. The color of the bag is awesome, too!

    - Sarah :)

  9. Superba tinuta!
    Imi place mult geanta!
    O saptamana frumoasa!

  10. Sweetie, I love the outfit so much!! A bit of rock-ish touch, a bit of feminine touch, just perfect! Love the way the photos turned out! <3 Kisses!

  11. Superba tinuta si iti sta minunat cu palarie! Ador pozele si locatia <3

  12. Great look, you look fabulous and the bag is really nice :)



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