Dec 20, 2017

Plaid Blazer & Red Details

Blazer / Sacou - HERE / AICI || Jeans / Blugi - H&M || Turtleneck Sweater / Maleta - Pimkie || 
Boots / Cizmulite - Primark || Bag / Geanta - Zara

Oh my, I can't believe there are only 4 days left until Christmas Eve! And honestly, no matter how hard I try I don't really feel the christmasy vibe, which is probably normal taking into consideration that we are about 8500km away from our family, we didn't get any Christmas tree nor any decorations (because it was useless to buy them since we are leaving soon), plus that the chances of seeing any snow here are similar to seeing a flying pig.
Buuut, I won't complain..I will just take it as it is and try to make the most of it and enjoy this city to the fullest until we go back home, because who knows if and when we will meet again :)

Sooo, my darlings, I don't have any Christmasy looks to show you, but I still have two outfits which I shot a little while ago and didn't manage to show them to you yet. They both involve red, so do they count as christmasy looks? 😆 Just kidding, they are not festive at all, they are just normal outfits which can be worn on a daily basis. And the first one is the one which involves this lovely plaid BLAZER. I started to grow quite a passion for blazers since last summer and there was a madness  with the plaid ones during fall. And yes, I already had a plaid blazer which you might have seen on Instagram because I wore it sooo much during autumn, but when I saw this BLAZER I just had to have it. Why? Because it is thicker than the one I already had, fact which makes it perfect for winter as well, it has some red stripes and a different cut. I totally love it and the quality is very good!

I decided to wear it with a pair of ripped jeans, which also have some red details at the back, a plain black turtleneck (which is the number one must-have for winter in terms of basics, in my opinion), my sock boots from Primark which I already worn to death and honestly, I don't think this will stop soon (sorry, guys) and my little red bag from Zara. What do you think?

Happy X-mas preparations everyone!
Hugs, A.

P.S: You can find this blazer HERE and with the code "LauraZF" you will get a discount on your check out.


  1. perfect outfit. I love the coat! sooooo chic
    robe pour mariage

  2. Ich liebe deinen Look und würde ihn genauso tragen! Dein Outfit ist genau mein Stil .-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

    1. Das freut mich sehr! Vielen Dank liebe Melanie! xx

  3. How cute is this outfit?! I'm totally obsessed with your blazer and your little red bag. Too cute!!



    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it <3

  4. That bag looks so cute!Lovely outfit:-)

  5. I'm obsessed with the blazer and red bag of your look. Super Stunning!
    Happy Holidays!


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