Feb 3, 2017

Bright Pink in Suzhou

Faux fur / Blanita - HERE / AICI || Sweater / Pulover - H&M || Shirt / Camasa - Zara || 
Jeans / Blugi - Forever 21 || Ankle Boots / Cizmulite - Zara || Bag / Geanta - H&M

The holidays for the Chinese New Year are over, but we took advantage of the past free days and we visited some more of this lovely city and not only. In fact, last Saturday at around 11 am we were leaving our apartment in order to go to the railway station because, you guessed it right, we had a train to catch, the one which was going to take us to Suzhou. Well, this city is quite close to Shanghai (in terms of Chinese distances) - about 80km - and we got there in just 30 minutes by taking a high-speed train.

Suzhou is well known for its canals, bridges and classical Chinese gardens and they even call it "the Venice of the East", so you can imagine that it got on my wishlist pretty fast. We were actually very lucky that we booked it for Saturday and Sunday because we also had a lovely weather, with bright sunshine and milder temperatures, fact which enabled us to visit many gardens and enjoy everything properly. On Saturday we managed to see two gardens and the famous city centre with narrow streets,  where you can find everything you wish for - from food, drinks, restaurants to shops with clothes, souvenirs, jewellery, etc., you can indeed see here many canals and bridges where, from time to time gondolas with tourists are passing by. The bustle and excitement is everywhere around you and the city definitely has a special, beautiful vibe.

On another matter, I've been seeing lately this bright candy pink trend in the high-street fashion and needless to say, if it's pink it's my colour. I found this lovely sweater at H&M and, as the sun was shining that day and we were visiting a new city, I thought it would be the perfect occasion to wear it. I always like to wear new stuff when I go somewhere new, don't you? :D Anyway, a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt underneath the sweater were the perfect match to it, but it was not that warm so I also had to add a coat / jacket. I went for this faux fur because it's very easy to style (together with the black boots and bag), keeps me warm and it would make my outfit more interesting. You can imagine that I was the pop of colour everywhere we went (besides the fact that I have blonde hair, I'm tall and european) but who cares :))) You will see next week what I wore on Sunday, nevertheless don't worry I still didn't go unnoticed.:))

Have a lovely weekend, dear ones!
Many hugs, A.


  1. Die Bilder sind ja super schön! Jacke und Pulli gefallen mir total gut :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie / www.goldzeitblog.de

    1. Vielen Dank, das freut mich sehr :)
      VLG :*:*:*

  2. Your jacket looks so stunning! Loving this look and the place. x

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit!! I love all about it <3 and this bag omg , `im dying <3
    Kisses dear

    1. Thank you darling, I'm glad you like it :)

  4. Och, perfect outfit!
    Great shoes :)

  5. Beautiful photos! I love your coat, it's so cute! :) xx

  6. Awesome pics. Great bag. Pink sweater looks lovely.
    purses wholesale


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