Sep 14, 2016

Lovely Outwear for Fall


Yes yes, it's time for another wishlist / collage post and I don't know whether you like these or not but I think they can be helpful and inspiring. Today however, I left the dresses, skirts & co. aside and thought it would be better to talk about some outwear pieces which will be so needed soon.

At the beginning of this new season, when it's still not that cold to wear a coat, the best choice would be a jacket or a blazer, depending on the occasion. If you are the elegant type of girl, than you will probably need a cool blazer which will be very handy during your days at the office, but even for a night out. On the other side, if you prefer the casual, sporty-chic looks than you will probably have to go for a bomber jacket. Bomber jackets were a hit last spring and they continue to be this season as well, but the good part is that you can find them now in many more colors, with stickers or not, oversized, normal or cropped ones, it is up to you to choose your perfect one!

Finally, a (faux-) leather jacket is a classic, something which doesn't go out of style, a piece which can be worn in all kinds of styles and outfits. If you want to try something bolder this autumn, you can go for a yellow or a pink one. If you however feel that a black one would suit you better, you can try an embroidered jacket which will definitely be something out of the ordinary.

As usual, the links to the products are below the images. Let me know which is your favourite piece and what would be your choice this autumn: a faux-leather jacket, a blazer or a bomber jacket?

Love, A.

P.S.: On Thursday, the 15th of September (Beijing time) they will provide FREE SHIPPING worldwide - no minimum value required! Pretty cool, right? Take a look cause they have amazing things!


1. HERE / AICI || 2. HERE / AICI || 3. HERE / AICI


1. HERE / AICI || 2. HERE / AICI || 3. HERE / AICI


  1. Great selections! I am actually looking forward to cooler weather to wear my biker jacket!

    House of Illusions

    1. Thank you dear! I feel you, I can't believe I'm saying this but I also wait for cooler days :)

  2. Great selection! Love the blazers and light bomber!


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