Aug 4, 2016

Currently crushing [3]

Festival Dresses

Hello hello, today I have another post from the "Currently crushing" series and I found some lovely dresses for you. This time however, I selected three different styles of dresses which are suitable for different kinds of occasions. 
The first ones are very cute and colourful, just perfect to be worn at a festival, at the beach or on vacation, while the second ones are maxi dresses and you can wear them during the day or during the night, being very easy to dress them up or down. And since the wedding season is still on, I thought of selecting some elegant dresses too which can be worn on such special occasions. In case you didn't know, this website offers a wide range of glamorous dresses as well and the prices are very, very good. I left the direct links to each of the products under the photos, so let me know which is your favourite and how would you wear it. :) 

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Have a lovely one!

Maxi Dresses

1. Dress / Rochie // 2. Dress / Rochie / 3. Dress / Rochie

Elegant Dresses

1. Dress / Rochie // 2. Dress / Rochie // 3. Dress / Rochie


  1. I love the last dress!

  2. Very lovely! I like this so much.

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