May 27, 2016

The perfect festival look ☀️

Hello my dears, I missed yesterday's post but on this Friday afternoon I am back with a very bohemian look, perfect for the weekend and even more perfect to be worn at a festival. Regardless of the place and the festival you choose to go to, a look like the one I'm wearing today will always be a good choice in my opinion: comfortable, chic, boho. So here are some of my tips which will help you create a similar festival look:
1. Choose a flowy, light dress, one that is suitable for a hot summer day. I chose a beautiful backless dress with ruffles and lace details, which is extremely soft and comfy. The color made me a bit skeptical at the beginning but now I love it: it is actually easy to style and I think that on a tanned skin will look even better. You can find it HERE.
2. Choose a pair of fringed boots / sneakers / ankle boots, anyway a pair of comfortable shoes which will keep you warm at night and which will protect your feet from spilled drinks and whatnot.
3. Mix and overlay several necklaces and bracelets for a really cool and fresh look.
4. Backpacks are very in right now and I think they are the best choice on such an occasion when you want to have your hands available for other things, such as taking photos, having a drink / a bite of something, etc, rather than holding on to a purse the whole day & night. They are also very roomy and you can take everything you need with you, including a jacket for the night.
5. Sunglasses and a hat are also part of such a bohemian look, so if you are choosing to wear something in this style the two accessories are a must. If you are not a fan of hats you can also choose a hairband, a scarf worn as a turban or other hair accessories.

Let me know what you think about my look and about the dress and remember, you can check it out HERE , or you can see some other boho dresses HERE.

Have a lovely weekend,

 Dress / Rochie - HERE / AICI
Jacket / Jacheta - Primark
Hat / Palarie - Primark
Boots / Cizme - Pull & Bear
Necklaces / Lanturi - H&M
Backpack / Ghiozdan - Primark
Bracelet / Bratara - Primark


  1. Such a classy and totally festival kind of look, love it!

    1. Thank you dear! I'm glad you like it :) xx

  2. The perfect festival/boho chic look! Love that dress! xx

    Jo |

  3. This is really cool! Indeed the perfect festival look!

  4. This is a beautiful festival look. I love it! <3
    Hearts from XOXO

  5. Foarte faină ținuta, pozele sunt super reușite și rochița aia e awesoooome! <3

  6. Very nice, love the dress. :)

  7. great post and blog :)

  8. Such a beautiful festival look :)

  9. Oh Andra, I love this look! Everything about it - it's just so fabulous!!! <3

    House of Illusions

  10. Such a cool festival look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  11. Am purtat rochita asta de numa vara asta, a fost piesa mea preferata!!!
    Imi place mult cum ai accesorizat-o!


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